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  • Minecraft Redstone Castle: Maybe we can work off of this. This is a project with Burke (bbs1)
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here
  • Python: I got a blank page to start, so I can start making a game. The reason I am still doing this is I can learn how to make more things, games, and websites. maybe post videos of the way there on my youtube channel. Anyway, maybe I can make something awesome, or just a big mess.
  • Result on python: Apparently, the form of python I use, I cant get information. I plan on changing projects. I know I wrote that I could possibly do somethong awesom
  • Another programming website, I am happy(ish) with scratch, I like game maker 8.1 better, but scratch will do, Making a Quiz game,and for my next project, I am planing to do a platformer game. So far, I'm having a blast with this project, and don't expect to end anytime soon. 1/25/16
  • New project and reasons why: My partner and me are having a hard time for 2 reasons, 1: Burke Knows nothing about redstone 2: He digs random holes EVERYWHERE. I am working on a redstone mine/cave because of my desire to learn more about redstone.
  • My new project idea is game maker 8.1. Minecraft has gotten old quick because of me playing it constantly at home since 2010. Game maker 8.1 is my next option because i want to know how to operate it, but i don't. I know you can make some awesome stuff on here using the 2d plane. 4/11/16
  • Last quarter until summer, and i have made the decision that i will continue minecraft until next year.
Year Two

  • Planing the video game with GDS1: The video game that we are making sounds and looks fun. We are making great progress on it and we are having fun while doing that because we wanted to do this last year. This might be our project for the rest of the year. Good Ideas make fun.
  • Video game with GDS1: it is going great! nothing is going wrong YET because of problem solving, but it is getting worse by the day. The art is going wrong, and the sounds and songs are getting similar to one another. This might be the end of the time travel trio.
  • Video game with GDS1 2: We stretched the project over the the third quarter. The fact that the idea was good but fell apart because of lack of creativity was interesting. It gives me an idea for a gamester mechanic project for next quarter. The video game was fun, but it is time to move on.
  • Gamestar Mechanic is fun at first, but it gets repetitive because you can't alter the properties of blocks very much. I guess the greater was lazy or something. Anyways, I lost interest and probably won't return next year. Goodbye.

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  • Can you time it better? like instead of starting right before peer groups, you could start it after and show us gamester mechanic."
    • I think It just is well used, I mean he agreed with it at the time.

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