JRG8 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Project 1: DIY Frappuccino and DIY Shake
  • We also watched videos on how do this project and got the ingredients, then we made it. We had to redo the shake, and the Frappuccino did not reach it's full potential because of how much powder Logan put in it, but it was overall a great project!
    • Project 2: DIY Ice Cream
    • We, love ice cream, and why not know how to make it? We learned how to make it and got the ingredients, but we put too much Oreos and it turn into a dark brown color. It was still a very fun and delicious project!
    • Project 3: Hand Car
    • This is our first project, and I enjoyed it a lot! We had to go through a couple failures, but at the end we succeeded! This, overall was a really fun project and I hope I can do another project like this in the future! Hopefully our next project will be as great as this one.

Top Reflections:

  • "DIY Frappuccino and Milkshake"
  • Because, we went through some errors, but in the end they tasted pretty good!
  • "DIY Ice Cream"
  • We made a mistake, and we learned from it,
  • "Our Hand Card"
  • Because we did a lot of hard work to finish the project and overcame the failures.

Top Critiques:

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All Projects: