JNS5's Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Baran Shoe Gallery
    • This marking period Ben and I are continuing our shoe website. We have added a lot more shoes and are running out of pictures to add on. Me might have to go to downtown Detroit to find more shoes and harder to find shoes. We think we will publish this site in about 5 weeks. I think we need to add more Nike and Jordan shoes though. We are also going to make a lot more customized shoes to add on there too. On our main page we are also going to add collages of our shoes to make the website look better. We really want our page to look good and we want people to see it.
  • Baran Shoe Gallery
    • This marking period Ben and I started a new project. We started waking a shoe website with our favorite shoes on them. We will feature shoes from Nike, Under Armour, Adidas,and Jordan. We also have some shoes on their that we have customized to our likings. You can use our customizations to help you customize your own shoe. We will also add a description under the shoe for why we like it and what it is. If our website does really well then we might purchase a domain so w can have our own domain. What we are trying to work on at the moment is trying to get our website to pop up more when you search things related to shoes. We hope that our website gets viewed a lot and hope it does really well to wear we can get money from ads.
  • Ben and Jaren billiard tables
    • This marking period Ben and I started a project where we make homemade billiard tables. We are going to make an air hockey table and a pool table. We having been watching Youtube videos on how to make them and we are going to start with the air hockey table because it is easier. We know exactly what we need for our air hockey table. We are going to use a white board for the slippery surface and card board for the base and the walls. We think it will probably take 2-3 weeks for us to finish. I think that we will probably mess up something so hit might take longer than expected. We hope that when we finish the air hockey table that it will be fun to play and will be good looking. If it is not we can try to do a better job on the pool table. Overall this is a pretty challenging project for Ben and I.
  • Electronics kit JNS5 BCK1
    • We just ended our last project which was the speaker with the bread board. It worked but it was very quiet. We made a cone of paper then put it around the speaker and it was a little louder. We were now starting our final project which was a soda dispenser. We started by ordering what we needed which was a mini air pump push buttons and a long tube. When it arrived we did not start building right away. When we did we started with the electronic part. We had to connect the battery with the button and the air pump. Then we glued on the tube to the air pump. Then we made holes in the cap and put the tubes in the drink and when we pressed the button the soda came out the other tube. Then we made the box it toke a while but it worked then we got the soda and presented at the faire. Everyone loved it.
  • Electronics kit JNS5 BCK1
    • This marking period Ben and I started an electronics kit. In the kit we had 11 projects to do. The first project was to lick a battery. It was very weird tasting but ben did it 3 times. The next project was about shorting out a battery. That one was also an easy project. The next few project were about creating different circuits to turn on a light. One of the you could turn off and on the light with a switch. After we finished the circuit section we started working with breadboards. They were pretty confusing at first but I learned how to use them. Right now we are about to finish the last project which is a speaker. Then after that we can make a portable charger and a soda machine as our final project.
  • Brayden and jaren coding
    • This marking period Brayden and I started on coding. We were learning coding so we could maybe start to code to make a game. We started of on braydens iPad and we started on swift playground. It is like coding for beginners. After we finished swift playground we moved to lynda.com to watch video tutorials of people on Xcode coding stuff like calculators and beginners games. We now have Xcode on our commuter. We have now recently started to try to code on Xcode. Ware having a little bit of trouble coding. It is pretty hard.
  • Jaren and Bens highlight videos
    • Ben and I starting with making highlight videos this year. We made a total of 2 highlight videos. One was a baseball video and the other was a football highlight. We did the football highlight first so when we were making that video I was sort of learning how to do everything and ben was showing me how to do the stuff I needed to know. The second video was a baseball highlight video. During this video I knew what to do and I could add the good clips. I think I learned how to do a lot of new stuff in I movie thanks to this project and Bens help.
  • Healthy Snacks Recipes
    • We have made 3 food projects so far. One of them is healthy potato chips. We learned that it was really easy to make potato chips. It makes me really want to make potato chips at home. The second project we made was fruit smoothies. They had raspberries strawberries and blueberries. They are also easy to make. I also make a lot of smoothies at home. The third project we made was pizza bagels. They were really good. I now think I got better at cooking.
  • BHB1 BCK1 JNS5 Minecraft proposal
    • We are now designing and making buildings. We are trying to make a city . We have already made two big buildings. We made a new world. We are now making hotels. We are planing to make a lot of houses to. I think we might end minecraft soon. Me and brayden want to start making more food. We think it is fun.
  • BHB1 BCK1 JNS5 Minecraft proposal
    • In Minecraft we are working with redstone design. We are making lights in our buildings. We felt good when we finished our buildings. We made big buildings with redstone lamps and it worked. We Are now trying to make bigger building and go farther in Redstone.
  • Bhb1 cooking proposal (Food Project)
    • We made three different food projects. One was unhealthy one was in the middle and one was healthy. The unhealthy food was marshmallow pops they were pretzel sticks with a marshmallow dipped in pudding and crushed oreo's. We also made peperoni pizza in the toaster oven. It was really good pizza and it was my favorite thing to make out of all of my projects for food. We also made whole grain spagetti with cheese and sauce. I think making these 3 projects was fun and it teaches us something. It helped us learn how to make pizza, spaghetti, and marshmallow pops.


  • I/We did
    Ben and I accomplished a lot of different things today. First we made a pic collage on our home page with about 12 of our shoes. It made the website look a lot more professional. We also added a review of one of our shoes telling the viewers what type of shoe it was and what features it had. We think that our website now looks a lot more professional. We hope to finish our website soon so we can publish it and see how it turns out. We hope to get a lot of views.
    • I picked this reflection because it shows all of the additions we are making to this page.
  • I/We Did
  • Ben and I Started our outline for our next project. Our project is Making a website with all of our favorite shoes. We have started by putting up 2 pictures one for Jordan and one for Adidas. We have run into a problem with copyright so we might take a picture of the shoes that we are putting up ourselves. We are also adding a link to where you can buy them and we are also putting the price. When we are done we hope that our website looks professional and we will try to make it popular. `
    • This shows Ben and I telling you what we want our site to be like and how good we want it to be.
  • I/We Understood Ben and I understood that this was going to be a hard project. We Realize that it will take a while and we might mess up.I feel like it is hard to find a good video because most of the videos either don't have all of the directions or they are to complex for us right now. We think that we will probably build this at one of our houses because it will be hard to bring everything in to school and store it. It would be easier to do it at home. I think our strengths are that we are good at building and we have experience because we made the dispensers last year and I have made stuff in science Olympiad. Our weaknesses are that we have never made one of these before so it might be tough.
  • type 2 What I was thinking what I felt and strengths and weaknesses.
    • I choose this reflection because it shows that even though this might be a hard project Ben and I will still get through it and finish it.
  • I/We problem solved when
    Ben and I were trying to put everything together and it was just not working. The bottom fell of and the wires would not go together. We figured out that we just needed to take it slow. We went slow and it worked. Everything was together. We had it ready in time for the maker faire.
    • I picked this one because I made my one prompt and it shows how Ben and I problem solved after something was not working well
  • I/we think
    This is the last experiment that we can do. What we have to do is make a light turn on through a bread board. It worked. The next part is to make a speaker play a sound. Right now we are almost done with it. We will have to finish it after break. I can't wait to make the portable charger. After we finish the portable charger we can also make a soda machine. So far this has been a great project and we will get a great end project.
    • I choose this reflection because it shows how much progress we have made since the start of the electronics kit.
  • I/we think
    We got Xcode installed on the mac so we could start coding. It was very confusing it was hard to understand. I watched some videos on lynda.com to know how to make an app. We watched a video on how to make a calculator.It was confusing i did not start it yet. We will probably start it next class.
    • I choose this reflection because it shows Brayden and I progressing further into our project by getting the next step done.
  • I/We think...
    I think that we did great this week. We finished our highlight video. This is our second video that we have done this year. We only need to post it on youtube.We will probably do a basketball video next.
    • I chose this reflection because it really shows that we are getting the videos done and we know how to do it.
  • I/We think...
    I think we did great. We learned that it is easy to make pizza bagels. I have to bring the stuff next week. It was very fun. We gave some to the other students. Everyone thought it was good. I was thinking a lot. If there was an easier way to do it.
    type 2
    • I choose this reflection because it was the first time we let people try it and they liked it.
  • I/We have changed my/our plan..
    We were going to finish the building but we had to get the pressure plates in.
    I was thinking that it was going to take a while but it was easy. We finished the building. Everything was good.
    • I chose this reflection because it shows that we can still finish things evan if we have to change our plans
  • "we had fun when...
    • I chose this reflection because I felt it was my best reflection. Also it shows we made pizzas.
  • What if I/we ...
    We were doing really good on our redstone buildings. We expirienced a lot. We are trying to make a lot more buildings. We will make a city.
    What we felt/expirenced
    • I picked this one because it was my first type 2 reflection.

Top Critiques:

  • Maybe you should play against different people
    • I picked this one because it is telling Perry to try something new
  • Quintien I think your videos look very good but I think you should possibly branch out and create videos of other games
    • I choose this one because I thought that it gave Quentin really good advise to make his channel even better
  • Perry I like your project but I think you should try to start playing other people
    • I choose this because it was the only one I did
  • I like your roller coster a lot it is really cool. I think you should make a bigger tnt cannon next or a new redstone tutorial.
    • I choose this one because it shows that I like there project but I think they should make more to help other people.
  • I like your movie but I think that you need to connect the different clips together a little bit more smoothly. That will make the movie really good
    • I choose this critique because it shows me pushing them to make there video flow more smoothly and overall make it a better movie
  • I think you could make the wriggly field next
    • I chose this one because we have only done 2 this year and this one is better. It gives them an idea for what to do next.
  • I think you could make 5 different videos on different sports and compare them to see witch one is the best.
    • I picked this one because it was the only one I did this quarter.

  • "I think the video is really cool but next time you could make a video of just funny videos of pro football"
    • I picked this critique because it was my best one.
  • I think this is a great project what are you doing next?
    • I did this on tanners project. He was making cool logos out of legos.

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