JMW11 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • 2014 - 2015 JMW11 Leather
    • I am still continuing to work with leather for my project. I have now done this project for about two years. I started last year with the Beginners Starter Kit from the Tandy Leather Factory. I have continued to work with projects in that kit this year. I am almost done with this kit before I move on to my next kit, which will have me working on a leather backpack.
  • 2014 - 2015 JMW11 Leather
    • I am still working on the leather craft. The projects I have completed already or are current working on are projects that come from the Tandy Leather Factory in the beginning kit. This quarter I have finished up a few more projects and soon hope to be off to making a leather backpack purse, my final goal. I am continuing to get better with my tracing, cutting, and dying. This has been a fun and challenging project to be working on for about two years now. I have enjoyed learning new skills and learning to work with leather because I am widening the circle of what I have tried and things I am able to do now.
  • 2014 - 2015 JMW11 Leather
    • I am still continuing to work with leather and I have made more progress. Right now I am going slow so I will have to speed up if I want to come close to my end of the year goal which is to make a leather purse. I enjoy doing this project because I am learning to have new skills when working with leather. This year I was able to gift one of my projects to someone so that made me really happy. I work hard on each of the projects I am doing in the kit I have from Tandy Leather and I am happy that I am learning to teach myself something.
  • 2014 - 2015 JMW11 Leather
    • I have been working with leather. Using the tools can be difficult to use at times because you have to have good hand control and smooth movements, instead of unsteady, choppy movements. This is an interesting topic to learn about because I have never worked with material like leather to try to make creations out of it. I have looked online, in the kit, and thought of my own ideas for possible projects. Overall, I have enjoyed working on this project because I am learning how to put my creativity and flavor into the different small projects.
  • 2013 - 2014 JMW11 Leather
    • For this project, I have been working with leather. This is a challenging project because you have to learn how to use all the different tools efficiently. It can be frustrating when you compare your newly finished project with the picture of when this project was done by someone else. Each tool has a purpose and you have to learn how to cut straight edges, what tools to use where to decorate it and really give it that great look. Sometimes when you try using different tools, the outcome may look messy but you have to persevere and keep moving on and improve.
  • 2013 - 2014 JMW11 Leather
    • In this project, I will be working with leather. I will be stamping and crafting. In the Basic Starter Leather kit, there are little different projects I can to do build my skills, knowledge, and understanding about leather and how to get the best qualities. My goal for this project is to be able to make a purple backpack purse for the final project. This project will take all year including working at home.
  • 2013 - 2014 Project Videos
    • For this project we made a movie trailer. I have learned how to use iMovie on my iPhone. I enjoyed doing this project. I haven't really done iMovie before this year. Sometimes it was hard to think of a scene that we wanted. We didn't always agree on what we wanted a scene to be like. We had to compromise a lot. We had to be patient with each other although sometimes it got a little difficult. For both of us I'm sure. It wasn't a great movie trailer but it was also our first so there's much more room for improvement.
  • 2012 - 2013 World Videos
    • This project is about showing people what you do in your everyday lives. I have learned about lighting in different places. Jacqueline and I have made videos at school and at home. You don't want it to be too light or too dark while your video taping. Before we started this project, we tested the lighting in different places. We used our iPhones and iPods to videotape. Sometimes I would forget to hold the camera on it's side and I would hold it straight up. After you videotape, you want to go back to look at them to see if you can make any improvements.

Top Reflections:

2014 - 2015
  • My/our achievement was affected by ... This caused ...
    "I began to work faster as I got used to the pattern for sewing my leather. After I got the hang of the sewing pattern, I didn't have to think about it as much, causing me to work at a faster pace. This caused more progress for how much of the sewing I got done on my money clip."
    I/We were efficient/inefficient because ...
    "I was efficient. I got more of my sewing done and I did it correctly. It took me a little time to get used to it but I have it down now. I am more than half way done sewing the money clip."
    • I chose this reflection to put on my portfolio page because I was talking about a new step in my project. I was talking about sewing the leather for my projects. Because of the pattern, I was able to achieve more after I got the hang of the constant, simple movements. I was efficient with my first time of sewing leather.

2014 - 2015
  • What patterns did you experience/see?
    "From doing these projects, I have experienced patterns about the steps of each project in the kit. First you wet the leather and then trace the pattern on paper and then on the leather, from there, you stamp and add dye and any final touches you want."
    One way I/we helped someone else today was ...
    "critique someone in my group and give them feedback on their project. This was helpful because it can give them more creative suggestions and give them things to think about that could help them improve their project."
    • I chose this reflection to put into my portfolio. I chose it because I think it is important to pay attention to the patterns you see. You can see patterns as you improve and you can see patterns of doing something incorrectly repeatedly. If you take notice of these patterns, you can reflect and find ways to improve.
2014 - 2015
  • This week I figured out how to get some of the different shades of dye on my project. It took me a few days to figure out how to do this, but I learned through on of the videos on the Tandy website. I/We learned..."Eco-flo super sheen is put on a design or letter stamp so when you add dye to your project, it does not change into that color. It adds more variety and makes the product more interesting. I wanted to know because I had wanted to know how to make the different shades for the dye so the whole little project won't be one color." My/Our next step will be..."to bring the key fob and the video home over the weekend. That way I will hopefully have it done before break and I can put any final touches on it that I think are necessary."
    • I chose this reflection to post onto my portfolio because I did not know how to get the different shades of dye on some of the final projects. I didn't know how to of this and I used my resources and figured out how to make the different shades. I wanted to learn how to do this because it give a more interesting look to the projects instead of just bland colors. Using what I learned, I was able to add more flavor to my finalized projects.
2014 - 2015
  • I/We didn't get as far as I/we planned because..."This week I did not get as far as I had hoped to. On Wednesday, the Explain Everything app was acting up but today it let me record my voice into the slides without making the pictures and words disappear."
    What was fun? What did I/we enjoy?
    "I enjoyed completing the video and posting it to the wiki. I had planned to get it done this week and I did. I am happy because I met my goals for the week and worked efficiently.
    I put the video link on my leather page.
    • I chose this reflection because it shows a problem that I had. This problem was solves so I was able to continue my learning. Also, when this problem did occur, I kept working even though I was a little frustrated. This was another small obstacle to get around to continue with my next steps in my projects. It also shows that even though I got frustrated that week, I accomplishes something and that made me feel successful in my project.
2013 - 2014
  • "I could make this project better or more interesting if I started to work at a faster pace because then I would not get stuck on working one just one project for a long time because they are beginner projects to help me get started and learn basics. I have learned the names of the tools used in this project and I have learned that sometimes I just need to know when to move on to the next task."
    • I chose this reflection because through doing this project, I have learned something about myself. We are humans. We are supposed to make mistakes and look back on them and learn from them. You can't always try to be perfect. Sometimes we just need to know when to move on and keep our learning process going.
2013 - 2014
  • "By doing leather crafting as my project, I will be able to persevere. Perseverance is an important character trait to learn. I will need this skill throughout the rest of my life. Leather crafting is not was. You use techniques and you have to learn those techniques. Watching the tutorials helped my learning. There are also directions on how to do things in a little "book". The tutorials in the video helps because I am a better learner when I can see someone else doing this and using their techniques and skills to craft leather."
    • I chose this reflection because I added a skill in my reflection that I will need throughout my whole life the go further. That skill is perseverance. This is something that people must apply in order to succeed and excel because it helps them cope with obstacles they are facing. I believe that this is a very good skill to have.

  • "I didn't get as far as I had planned because on tuesday, I forgot my leather and tools. I also forgot my DVD. I went to the tandy website and watched their videos. On Thursday, I brought the materials I needed for that day. I had troubble with the leather hole puncher. One way I might solve this problem is looking up how to use it and if it is used for a specific kind of leather."
    • I chose this reflection because I had a problem but I also found a solution. However I noticed that I never did look up how to use the hole puncher and for what kind of leather it should be used. I need to look further into these things if I want to have a better understanding. It would make me feel good that I ended up solving the problem. I need to live up to what I think I need from myself.
2012 - 2013:
  • "We were video taping in the hall. We video tapped some actions today and not just people standing still. I went outside to video tape the landscape. We watched our video. We still have more to do. It is a very fun project. Something that I learned about myself is that I really like thinking of cool scenes that Jacqueline and I could do. I like action scenes. I like to put suspense into the things I do. I like being the director. I like taking charge every once in a while."
    • I chose this reflection because I learned some things about myself.
2012 - 2013
  • "Today we shared our photos and said what we liked about them and fixed what we didn't like. I learned that Jacqueline has a editing app on her iPod. Today we did not look on websites for techniques for taking good photos. I learned that I am a kind of person who want's to go outside and take photos of things I find interesting. Last time I wanted to do that and this time I wanted to do it even more. We learned that I like taking pictures the most and Jacqueline likes editing more. Next time we are going to ask if we can go outside or in the building taking pictures and then coming back to edit them. We are going to take pictures on our own and on Friday we are going to come back and compare them."
    • I chose this reflection because it tells what I learned. It was one of my best reflections.

Top Peer Critiques:

  • "I found your project interesting and it looked fun. I also like the way you present because you give a good amount of information and are enthusiastic. I looked at your journal page and I think it would help if you put the videos of the cowboy west standoff on the wiki. This way, the project would be more organized in one spot where we can all view your project page for future critiques. What are some of the options that the applications give you to improve the way your short clips look and have you explored all of those options? Do you know of a website that talks and shows the functions of these applications that people could look at?"
    • I chose this critique because I like the amount of feedback I gave. I talked about how they could present their project so that others could view it. This group used an application to make their video but did not go in depth about the application itself and its functions so I was asking questions so that they might be able to explain the feature they used.

  • "I agree with Gabe about your project timeline. Your project looks fun because you are learning how to make your own foods. Are you going to make anything seasonal like a specific cake or something that goes along with Thanksgiving or other holidays? I think an interesting idea would be to make an online cookbook. You could categories them the way you want and share recipes you have used."
    • I chose this critique because I liked this persons project and I found it interesting that they were taking the time to make their own foods. I liked the questions I asked. With food you can ask a lot of questions. Food can bring family together and give more variety to a diet. I was asking questions so that they might broaden their project.

  • "The project sounds really fun and I like that you guys recorded individually so we could hear all of you. Maybe you should make a list of songs you play and then rate them on a scale of 1-10 about how difficult/easy it was explaining why it was hard/easy. Next time you could be more prepared to present also. I like the idea of your project though!"
    • I chose this critique because I like the suggestions I made to this person in my triad group. Their group is learning how to play guitar. I said these suggestions because I thought it would bring more into the project and the people in this group could evaluate a little bit more this way.
  • "What is Terraria Gameplay and what skills does it involve to have a successful experience. What ways have you tried to upload your project and what resources have you looked at to help you solve your problem?"
    • I chose this critique because I am asking what skills this person will want to have for a good experience with this project.
  • "I like the idea of photography for your next project and taking different kinds of pictures. What photography apps will you be looking into? Will you also be working outside of school to grow at a faster pace because you are only doing this for the third quarter?"
    • I chose this critique because I am asking this person if they are how much work they are going to put in and at what pace do they want to go with this project.

All Projects: