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  1. Minecraft survival proposal ECC2 JMS9

We have been working on this project for a while and have had a lot of fun. Over the times of working where learned a lot of new things about minecraft and about teamwork in general. We are almost done with our project and have had so much fun. Now I will tell you what we have done. We made a big city over 150 blocks wide and a house 50 blocks wide we have done so much. We made a mote around are house and a roller coaster we are having so much fun. We got to also build add on things like motorcycles sky scrapers and air balloons. We made a really cool garden 20 blocks wide and a road across all of our project. And a lava rap out of redstone. The thing I've had the most fun with is the traps. We did a lava trap and a chest trap its so much fun and where learning new and new things every day.
Bcs tour
    • I choose to do this project because I really wanted to do photography and film. By doing this project I got to learn film and many other things. I also liked interviewing different people because it got my a chance to see what there doing and where there going. This was probably the best school experience iv'e ever had and would like to work with film and photography again. That's why I choose this to be my tinkering project.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.

Minecraft City Project

  • I did this project because its really fun. And its been turning out great for me and my partner. Where hoping to continue this project for a long time because its been very successful. Wheve been productive for example where made sky scrapers and a huge road with cool cars. Also many big buildings. hopefully nothing goes wrong for us and it ends up very good.

    Minecraft City Project
  • Me and my partner yuan have been working on our city project for a very long time and it is turning out amazing we wanted to have 2 skyscrapers and 1 mansion we have done that goal and are almost completed on our project. we have a people mover in our city to get around to different places. with involves redstone this took us a long time because where not the best with redstone. hopefully when can finish are project soon and start a new one.

Top Reflections:

  • One way showed resourcefulness was ...

    • I choose to do this reflection because when we where working we never stopped. And kept going. Every day we got more and more done. This made the project better because it wasn't stressful. We showed a lot of resourcefulness also by editing the whole thing which wasn't fun but we didn't complain. I thought that we showed so much resourcefulness and that's why we choose this reflection.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this reflection here.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this reflection here.
  • How we accomplished our goal was...
  • We haven't been distracted by really anything and just new that we had to work and what we had to get done for that day. I feel that where dog very good today and have been doing very good so we will continue doing this project because where very successful.

  • We Accomplished this by........
We picked this because me and my partner both new that we would work and focus on the project. so we picked a hard one that would take us a while. We have been working very good and are thinking about adding some more buildings that might take some more time to do but it shouldn't be to hard. hopefully we pick the right thing and it turns out very good.

Top Critiques:

    • My critique on tanners You should make videos of you making the food in time lapse
    • I choose this critique because he never made any videos of him cooking. I also think it would be cool to see him do it in time lapse. Because then I could make it for my next project or at home. Although i enjoyed how he proposed it for his project. That's why i choose that critique.

My critique on Jack T
You should make the video with more text boxs
I did this because i didn't understand it to much so adding text boxes would make it more clear to people that want to watch his video. he did this and he told me that it helped him a lot.

My critique on Jaren
I think you should add more fruit to your smoothie. I said this because he only added 1 fruit and it could help him lot. he did it and said it was a lot better. This can also help me because now i know how to make a really good smoothie and this has helped a lot of people with what I said.

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