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  • Project 1 Minecraft Spaceships
    • I chose to highlight this project because i had fun while learning a lot about scale and the like. It was difficult because some spaceships had an IMMENSE amount of detail. This was difficult as Minecraft is only able to use 1 meter-by-1 meter blocks. I also was challenged by the sheer scale of the IXS Enterprises' Alcubierre drives.
  • Project 2 KSP space station
    • Kerbal Space Program is a sandbox game where the player makes different spacecrafts for different tasks.
    • In this project i wanted to see if i could build a space station in 40 minutes.
    • I really liked this project. I worked on it for about 1 quarter and I was ecstatic the whole way through. I enjoyed the unit and how it taught me about Orbital Mechanics and now I can impress my peers with my knowledge of apoapse, periapse, Delta V and all the other strange words. What does Albedo mean, anyway? I think this project taught me about trial and error. I've built myriad ships and only a few have survived.

Top Reflections:

  • "I have posted pics of the XCV-300 but i think i want to do the hermes from the martian. it might be hard as i cannot find a scale model like i have for the IXS."
    • I chose to use this reflection because it showed the dilemma of choosing which ships to make.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this reflection here.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this reflection here.
  • I learned that even though there are rules, it still is ok to change them every once in a while. There is a reason I'm saying this! I set up a time limit of 30 Min. for my station, but i decided to do 40 because i was SO close to the docking. But unfortunately, it didn't even work! It was very fun making it though.
    • I chose this reflection because it shows the fun in the project.
    • Also, it shows how hard KSP can be.
  • Today I learned that the best things can happen when you don't realize it. I started today like any other, and just decided in my head, "why not just build space station?" And I did. I didn't plan it, I didn't scale it, it wasn't overly complicated, it just poofed into my head. I think that applies to a lot of things. Like a wise man once said, "JUST DO IT!!" However, that doesn't apply to all things, like a super complicated thing.
    • I think this is a good reflection because it comes from the heart. I also enjoyed making the actual space station, even though it got accidentally deorbited. It tells of how sometimes the best things can happen if you don't really think about it, and how open KSP's sandbox is. No rules. No limits. Play to your heart's content. Even though it can be challenging, at least it's not rocket science! Oh wait...
  • My next step will be...

    I FINALLY MADE A BASE! It is on Minmus and it has a Refuel Base, Science Sector, and a mining and converting sector! My next step will be an exploration colony on Laythe. One way I managed time was that in M-step study hour, I did one thing of work and one module on the base instead of playing KSP the whole time.
    • I think this is a could reflection for many reasons. Firstly, it is exciting and has a happy tone. Second, it has a detailed description of the base. Third, it follows the CER way of writing. The only thing i see wrong is that it's short a sentence, but one sentence is very long.

Top Critiques:

  • "You probably should post the videos to your page. Also, you should make each section of your compilation on your page as well. I was unclear on what your project was until i saw the video. However, the Basketball Tutorial project is a good idea."
    • I chose this critique because it is informative and fits the 4 categories for a good critique.
  • This is a very good project. I really want to play civilization now! :) I was confused on the purpose of the video. is it a tutourial? a let's play? Saying would make the video better.
    • I chose this critique because it is informative and fits the 4 categories for a good critique.
  • This is a project with a lot of potential. However, your build wasn't even accurate with the X-mansion. It seems you literally just made 2 floors of diamond. The X-mansion is made of bricks. If you made your build more accurate, it would be better.
    • I like this critique because it states exactly what is wrong and how to fix it.
  • This is an interesting project. One thing you could do is post pics in your journal. One question i had was if you would be bringing it into class?
    • I like this critique for a few reasons. It is short and to the point. Also, it has a suggestion. It even has a question! Additionally it is polite.

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