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Top Projects:

  • Project 1: Learning How To Build A Computer
    • This was the project where I learned how to teach myself. Since I wanted to build a computer since I was younger It made sense to do this. I also enjoyed making the project safety page it was weird for me at first but the more I worked on It the more I enjoyed it. I believe I enjoyed this project so much because it's something I'm interested in and something I always wanted to learn more about. This is my favorite project which isn't saying much because It's the only one I've done.
  • Project 2: Building A PC / Making A PC Video
    • This is the project where I used my knowledge from last quarter to build a PC rig for my house. I enjoyed this project for two main reasons. The first is because it includes building a computer, and second I had the opportunity to work with better computer pieces than last time. Their are two main advantages of using better computer pieces, the first is that you have more room to fit your hands when your building your computer, and secondly you have the opportunity to use better computer pieces than you would with a lesser build. Overall I enjoyed this project because it gave me an opportunity to build a good computer.
  • Project 3: Editing A Video
    • This project I took prior editing knowledge to make a better video. When working on this project I really wanted to try using visual poetry. This means that the clips I edit together could be totally different but for some reason they would just work work together whiles looking good. I enjoyed this project because I also enjoy editing. I don't know if it's just the grinding aspect were you keep working until your video is perfect or if it's watching the video at the end and being proud of the end product. Overall I enjoyed this project and would like to work try more editing projects in the future.

Top Reflections:

Building A PC / PC Video:
  • Reflection - At home I have filmed the scenes needed for my computer video. It was difficult to make up scenes for the video but after watching a few. I filmed about ten scenes including the inside and outside of the case. I also am going to do a voice over in Movie maker. Next week I am going to hopefully finish half of the video.
    • Highlight - This is my favorite reflection for this project. I think I like this reflection the most because it's the one I was the most excited for. When I did this reflection I was about to start building the PC rig for my house. I think because I was the most giggity at the time of making writing this journal I find it to be my favorite.

How To Build A Computer:
  • Reflection - This week I learned how to communicate effectively when working with a big group of people. Karl and Rami were helping us with benchmarking and it was hard for all of us to work together while still effectively communicating. I found that the best way to do that was by saying what you saw and your solution while still asking for help when you need it. This was hard for me to figure out because usually, I work alone or in a small group of people and I tend to do a lot of the work so it’s hard for me to work in groups of people. So I find the best way to communicate effectively is just communicating in the first place and not worrying if your right or wrong. Personally, I believe that communication is the most important part of any team is communication because if you can't communicate your project is probably not going to work.

    • Highlight - This is my favorite reflection because It's the reflection I feel I had spent the most time on. I loved this project because now I know computer slang and can confuse people, but that's not all. I didn't just enjoy the reflection, I enjoyed the week. This week I learned how important it is to communicate on projects and that can help me so much in the future of all my classes. Overall I believe that communication is very important in school and life and that is why I loved this reflection.
MC Minigames:
  • Reflection - We completed our first mini game bumper boats this Friday. The games purpose is pumping boats into each other on an Ice Platform and trying to hit your enemies into lava. We got the idea for the mini game when Karl wanted to have a game where you each other of the platform. Overall the game was fun to play but we need to make a way to reset it by just hitting a button.
    • Highlight - I think this is my favorite reflection in this project for many reasons. The first reason is probably because Karl was still here at the time and we would mess around while getting work done. Second and finally I liked this reflection because the project was very enjoyable.

Top Critiques:

  • Critique - Jack McEachern
    I like how you are trying to learn the basics of Swedish speech. I know it's difficult to learn a different language so I would like to congratulate you on that. I know that you are trying to learn the basics of Swedish speech but I was wondering what exactly those are. I also was wondering if maybe you could learn some Swedish verbs so you can have more interesting conversations. Good job with your project and good luck with future ones.
    • I liked this critique because gave a rundown of what they did and gave them an idea for improvement. Once again it gave me the opportunity to compare his project and my own to see if there was anything he did that I could maybe use next time. Overall this is my favorite critique of the second quarter.

  • Critique - Jack McEachern
  • Your project was very easy to understand and fun to use. I also enjoyed how you started adding a second story to your game bored. The game was very simple and I enjoyed it that way but I recommend making a few minor adjustments to make the game more enjoyable. Other than that the only thing I could recommend you improve is the game board graphics. I feel like the game bored graphics were a bit plain and they could be a lot cleaner if you put a gradient on it. Other than that your project was very simple and fun too use, good luck in the future.
    Jack McEachern
    • I liked this critique because it was the first one I did and I put a lot of thought into it. It also gave me the opportunity to compare his project to mine to see if their was anything he did that I could learn from. Overall this was my favorite critique from the first quarter
  • Critique - Jack McEachern Q3
    I like how you tried to do as many things as you could with your project. However, I mainly liked the editing portion of your project. I enjoyed watching your videos but I would also like to recommend a few ideas. The first thing I would recommend working on is audio editing. When I was watching your videos and streams back I noticed a lot of breathing and keyboard clicks. If you could find a way to remove this it would be amazing. After that I noticed that sometimes your video had shaky fps, and if you could find a way to fix that your videos will be even better than they are now. Other than that you did a great job with this project, and best of luck with future ones.
    • I think I liked this critique because I liked the project I was critiquing. It was a lot of fun to go through and look at Evans videos and I hope the rest of my projects this year are like his.

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