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  • I like this project because I can really learn about something I enjoy, which is Nike. This project lets me go into years of Nike Athletes, which I've always wanted to know about. It is a big subject, so it will take some time to learn a lot of it. It is an exiting project, and i'm ready to put a lot of time into it!

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  • Project 1 (delete this and replace with project name)
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Top Reflections:

  • "Jack W and I think that this project will be fun, but challenging. I believe that we can do the project, and make it good. I think the one thing that is troubling us is we don't what our point of the project is. I think that's the one thing we need to figure out. But on Thursday, we looked up on someone we have not looked up yet... Tom Brady. It was a very interesting subject to look on, and see how he got his endorsement."
    • I picked this reflection because I asked myself some important questions about the project. I don't usually do that, but I find that you can get better project results if you do that. I also address the project on how it will be fun and challenging, what it needs to be. I also addressed what I did those days, so it would not seem like I didn't do anything. I believe that this was if not the best, then one of the best projects I did.
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  • "I really liked this week. We finished our highest paid athletes for 2012, and we are moving on to 2013. I think this project is helping Jack and I get a better scence for money, and that helps later in life. It helps because your looking at major athletes, and seeing how not to overpay one that does not have the skill set to b e paid so heavily. I think it would be fun to play a game were you are the general manager for a certain sports team in a certain sport, and you have to work with the money the team gives you and make a winning team. That sounds like a fun game."
    • I thought that this reflection was good because it was in depth. It really reflected on what I had done, and went into it with a lot of detail. I liked how I said that the project was helping to give us a better sence of money. It's true, too.

Top Critiques:

On Ben I's Project:
  • This is a abitious project, but what is the goal on this? What are you trying to accomplish in this project? What else will you do once youre done with this project? Will you make other parts of Chicago? Why are you calling the tower the Sears tower, not the Willis Tower? But good job, otherwise."
  • In this reflection, I asked some good questions. I asked the questions I thought were inmortant, and needed to be adressed. I thought my critique was very well put together.
On Mika's Project
  • I really liked the tips and websites you showed me during the presentation. You gave a lot of good pointers about taking the photo, but didn't give us as much info on editing. Maybe you could add some website, or give a tutorial of editing? But I really liked the pictures you took, and I think your on the right track.
  • I liked how I confrunted the problems I had with the project.I remeber I really had to stretch my thinking on this project because Mika's project was so good. I liked how I critiqued it, too, with soem positive, then negative, then positive. Like my mom would say, "A Sandwitch."

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