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Top Projects:

    • MineCraft
      • From the time i started and ended this project it was good. Minecraft is basially a game where you play as a person in a free world and you mine and build to find resources and get shelter. you are in the wild trying to get things and provide for yourself in the virtual world. I did this project with merrit.
    • Game Review
      • This project was a very good one. what i did every day for the past classes is i played a different game every day and then at the end i reviewed them. it was very fun. but now i am going to start a new one. below you will see all the reviews i did.
    • Zipline Project
      • This is a big project that we will work on till the end of the year. our goal is to built a zipline down the hill in my backyard. But first we have to make the close to $350 for all the materials. We buy and sell things to make this money and we have made a good amount of money, but not
        enough. now we have a tough decsicion whether to reinvest the money or just keep it for the zipline.
    • Endorsed Athletes

Top Reflections:

    • MineCraft
      • "We suceeded in minecraft in learning the basics with Merritt. i can survive on my own with the help of merritt. we got a lot of things like gold cobblestone iron and much more. We ended the period in the jungle and made a crafting bench and furnace."
        • I thought this reflection on minecraft was very strong because of many things. First I likeed how i stated i had learned the basics. I also liked it because we explained everything we had succeeded including collectind cobblestone, iron and making a furnace and craft bench.
    • Game Review
        • "Today i played a balloon popping game so as the balloons flew up i popped them. It was entertaining but not very creative. i rate it a 7 out of 10."
          • For some reason i really liked this review. it was the last one and the game was kind of fun. I thought i would add that is also kind of boring and not creative because it was just balloons flying up you popping them, and theres a time limit. but it still was entertaining so i rated it a 7 out of 10
    • Zipline Project
      • "After we sold the purse for 11 dolars we reinvested it into another item on ebay. we hope to get the item beetween march 5th and March 18th because that was the estiamation. We also hope to resell the item for more money!"
        • I think i chose this one because i we were really happy we sold the purse and we bought something to make more money on. Even though it did not turn out to be the best desicion.

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