JKL3 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • project 3:slime
    • We had lots of struggles but it turned out well, one struggle was we couldn't upload the video and our slime was very sticky. but we solved both of these. My favorite part was making the slime and it turned out well. I think this project was very fun and had a lot of experience. Our challenges later helped us with other projects like uploading. This project was very challenging and fun. I hope to do something like this again.
  • Project 2 NFL blog
    • It was one of my favorite projects and it was good. Our project was an nfl blog it was loaded with highlights and scores, it was a very goopd project. We had trouble with getting the blog to work well and look like a real blog. After we played around with it for a while we got the hang of it and it looked really cool. My favorite part was how it looked it was very colorful. We had three people in our group and each of us did one thing at a time. We always did scores and fantasy stuff and sometimes injury updates. I had a lot of fun doing this project.
  • Project 1 Airplane Project Page
    • I think that we had some trouble with uploading the video and we still are, but besides that we had a pretty good project. We learned what makes a better paper airplane, whether its making the paper airplane smaller or skinnier, or the wings longer with tiny flaps. We figured out the best way is to make lots of folds so that you can throw it as hard as you can and it will go really far. The big flaps worked better for us and our dart was very successful.
    Project 4: Trick shots
    • This project was very fun but also hard. Some of the challenges were making the shots and after that editing and uploading. We had lots of hard fun. I hope I can do this again. Another one of our struggles were to do the trick shots. I can wait for next year.

Top Reflections:

  • What did you learn? I learn how to make a youtube account. I hope it works well and be fun.
    • This was an important reflection because I learned how to make a youtube account.One way I/we showed resourcefulness was ... We used ESPN and they helped a lot with scores and injury updates. we also used some other websites that i forgot but they helped. Our project was very good and this reflection showed lots of This reflection was very good and detailed I liked it a lot.
  • Today I/we had "hard fun" when ...
    we had the challenges of making the videos and having it perfectly silent so that the video will hear us talk. now we are having hard/fun trying to upload the video.
    • This was one of my best reflections because it told what we did and how we got it done. Even though we still haven't uploaded the video we are trying to get some help on that. We have tried many different ways but none have worked. We are resorting to asking fellow classmates.
  • We Learned
    about tricks and how to change the tone of voice in i movie. We also learned how to upload videos from your phone to google drive and then to i movie.
    • This was very important because we needed to learn how to use google drive. We did get our videos on i movie and made 3 movies.

Top Critiques:

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