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Top Projects:

  • paper boat
    • I was making a paper boat i was making it in the hall and i put my phone to take the video on the table. I liked making origami so i looked a videos and i found out how to make them. I leaned how to make it and i disided to make it post it on you tube and have it be my project fore tinkering studio. I made paper boats but i did not know how to make it that good it was hard to learn how to make a paper boat.
  • lego alligator
    • I was making a lego wedo alligator for my project. I had to find all the pies top my project then i started to build. I was half way done and the next day someone did some of my project so i was building on. After i was done Mr W and i had to find the computer that had the Lego wedo app. After i started to program my project and i put all the things that could make my alligator have motion. I had to take a video post it on you tube and then i took the link and put it on my project page. Then i had to do my proposal page and fill everything out.
  • Diy Crayon Art
    • Me and Zach were making a Diy Crayon Art it was fun to make. When we were making it Zach wonted to do more of the fun part like blow drying but we had to split the work and i was not there one of the days so Zach did it but when I came back it had to do the pages and Zach said it was boring and hard. I bought all the crayons and we used the heater glue gun blow dryer and bored from school but I brag glue sometimes too. we videoed the things we did step by step and posted it on you tube. It took along time because we had to blow dray the crayons. It was a cool Diy I have been wanting to make it because it is cool. my sister made one for my mom a few years ago fore mothers day I made a hart in it. I like making YouTube videos but i still need more subscribers and views. I like knowing how to make new and creative things.
  • slime project
    • I make diy videos and posted them on to you tube. It is interesting because i don't get to do a lot of this at home because it is messy. I like making you tube videos and i'm trying to get 100 subscribers because I wont to get a you tube play I don't have a lot of subscribers but i'm been getting more views. I make videos on a lot of things when i make things and i ever need to know how to make it again I can go on on YouTube and see how I make it.

Top Reflections:

  • "One example of a FAILure we had was ...when I was on i move i did not know how to work it good on a computer. Also we had to split videos because they were too long. On You Tube you can only have a 15 minute video until you get a lot of views."
    • I chose this because I learned from my my mistake. I also learned how to use I move on a computer because a Iphone is not as tricky. I found out how to split a video and I learned how to make the same video over and not have to find the video in different folders. I also learned that you can only have a 15 minute video fore next time so i can stop the video and so it dose not take longer.
  • I/We think... we should of put look on the door we had the alligator in in the begging. When i was doing my alligator project someone worked on some of it. I also had trouble finding the computer that the Lego wedo app was on and I was thinking that it was not going to be hard to find. Also we had to post it on you tube and it took long get than i tough.
  • This is a good project because you have to learn how to program things. It is cool that it has a censer so it you put your hand by the mouth it bits you. It also is fun and hard at the same time to build and it dose not take as long as you think.
  • I/We didn't get as far as I/we planned because... My google account did not work so it took long . We fixed it with Mr Whitmer because we found ut that it was because i was not here in 3rd grade.. We did not upload are video as fast as we had planed to.
    • This is my favorite because we got it fixed. Also we got more thing done after we learned how to fix it. After we did it we got are video uploaded. I also had fun learning how to fix it so I can fix it in the future. then we got on to are next project.

Top Critiques:

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