Top Projects:
  • Minecraft
    • In Minecraft you have to build houses, kill monsters, craft tools like axes to chop wood and a sword to kill monsters, and mine minerals to craft tools and armor. To survive the night you have to do all of these things or you will be killed by mobs (monsters.) the goal in the game is to start civilization all over again in survival and to build in creative.
      • This is a fun project because you can do things that you could never do and you can see things that do and don't exist. The highlight was by far making a house and crafting a Iron Golem. (a type of mob that you can keep as a defender) I recommend playing this all the time because I am really into simulation games.
      • I think it is also fun because I can change my character on the internet like i am also the chief of police on my friends LAN world, or internet world. i am i charge of everything almost except the mayor, Nic, can overrule my decisions. i think it is a very fun game.
      • I am doing another minecraft project and i am doing a free build. It will have a lot of random stuff like cool buildings, statues of random stuff, and maybe a couple of amusement stuff like cows riding in a roller-coaster. this is helping my education because it it making me think on what i should do and then build it and hope it looks like what i had in my head. that could help in life if i wanted to create a video game or a app
  • Splinter Cell Goggles Project
    • I wanted to highlight this project because I am a fan of the splinter cell series and I needed to make the goggles for my Halloween costume. It was fun even though i didn't finish it. I still had enough of the project done to still wear it and I finished it. This was fun because i get to be the series main character for Halloween. I am excited.
  • Technic Castle and Mod Project
    • I choose this project because i am tired of regular minecraft and i will try out mods for a little bit but i wont be working on it anymore. there is much more to see, much more to do, and much more to build in a modded world of minecraft. i was using a very simple mod pack called Voltz and i am liking that mod so far. Voltz specializes in modern day technology and it was everything from space travel to ballistic missiles. that is why i choose Technic.
  • Gaming Channel
    • I wanted to highlight this project because this is my first attempt at a YouTube channel. It will be a gaming channel and I will play video games such as Batman Arkham City, Garry's Mod, and more. But it wont only be game play videos, it could also have Top 10 videos, Crossover videos, and more. there has been little to no problems so I have been full speed ahead getting ready for the next video. I can't wait to keep posting videos.
    • I learned a little more about YouTube during this marking period. I learned more about how YouTube works and how to create videos. But also I learned more about certain software like iMovie, and also learned how to customize a channel by using certain art and other things like links to social media and links to other channels. How this can apply in later life is if i want to do a YouTube channel for high school or for a company as a job. And the video editing software is good to use because I could edit videos that i create or become a video editor as a job. The list of ways this could help in later life is endless.
  • Cooking / Coding
    • The project(s) that I am doing for the 4th quarter is a Cooking project with a back-up coding project. What I do mainly with my cooking project is I learn how to cook various foods which I think I can learn easily and I try it in class to see how it is. With the coding project, it is a back-up to the cooking project. When I don't have ingredients or even supplies to cook, I go on code academy or code combat. I personally prefer code combat because it is more interactive compared to code academy. Coding is easy at some points but at other points its much harder. But both cooking and coding can provide job skills for me in two different industries.

Top Reflections:

  • I helped myself by getting more information on Minecraft from Shane and Trevor M-B. I had a lot of fun with the help from my friends and i learned a lot.
    • It was my friends (and Shane) helping me when I knew nothing about Minecraft and I am addicted and i love it
  • went adventuring and i finished the police station
    • That day was a achievement day because i was working for weeks on this police station, trying to build cells and make dog kennels for the dogs on the police force. also that day was the first time i went on a adventure.
  • alright, i have had one of the most successful minecraft days in my life i found a lot of copper, tin, iron,quartz, and coal ore to build new machines in the game so i can make defenses for my castle. I cleared and flattened a land mass perfect for a castle and it is going to be a lot of fun
    • i choose this because it was one of the most successful days of my life because i did that by myself instead of having to stay in a house the whole time and wimping out. I felt like i did something and am proud of it.
  • "I have learned a lot this year! i have learned many skills that will help me next year in Thinkering Studio next year and also in classes next year. one of the skills that will help in Thinkering is knowing how to make YouTube videos for my gaming channel. another skill for some other classes in knowing of the build or craft something, ex. my splinter cell goggles. but to sum up this year, i succeed in more areas this year than i did in 6th grade.

    But I do wonder, what would happen if i started projects earlier this year like my YouTube channel. I think i would be a little more experienced on creating a video and knowing how to talk during it and how to cancel out unnecessary sounds in the background. or if i started my Splinter Cell Goggles last year i could have made it more detailed and better made than the final project. but to conclude, i think i would have learned a little more if i had more time to build it by finding more resources and maybe using my creativity to build on it."
    • I choose this because it is one of my longer reflections. The detail inside of it is more than I usually do. I explained what I did all last year and how i learned from it. It also sums up some of the projects i did last year and what i might do this year. That is why i highlighted this reflection.
  • "I learned today more about iMovie. I have never used it before and I was about to create my next video for my channel. it has taken awhile but the time taken will be worth it. i can't wait to post it"
    • i choose this because it was the first time i used iMovie. i have never really used a video software as good as iMovie and I did a little experimenting that day. i was learning how to import pictures, add sounds, adjust the crop on the picture, and more. After I was playing around with the software I really got the hang of it. I was putting in about 10-12 pictures a day with many titles to show in a top ten video. It was fun to do and i enjoyed it a lot.
  • "I had success in both coding and cooking for the first time. I cooked eggs and sausage for my self for breakfast and it tasted REALLY GOOD. All of the sausages were cooked all the way and the eggs were seasoned well. I think today was a success and we will see what happens next week."
    • I choose this reflection because it was the first day i cooked for and it was very successful because I cooked everything to the right temperature and it was all hot and tasty. This reflection also gave me a little of pride when it comes t my cooking project because for a first run I was very successful. I thought I got the hang of it and I will be ready to do it again soon.

Top Critiques

  • "You need a lot more pictures because if you don't we won't know what you are talking about because there is no proof of the project except for a couple of sentences. maybe create a page on your work like i did"
    • I posted this on Nic's Critique page and he needed help with a couple of things. his project was only a couple of pictures and no words explaining what they were about. So i leaved my feedback on his page and i think it helped him a lot.
  • "Well, you could maybe create a tutorial on soccer moves or maybe some trick shots. I have noticed that for as long as you have been doing the project you have little content. maybe go out 1-2 a week and film more shots. Maybe you could also show how to make those videos on YouTube. Just some ideas to extend the project"
    • I chose this because this was one of my first critiques of the year. I thought it was pretty strong for one of the first of the year. I think it covered what I wanted Marshall to add or change on his project and i thought it didn't offend him by any chance. I like it, but I don't know if you do.
  • "I think this project is pretty good. But I think there can be some improvements. Maybe in the future, instead of using a social media website to advertise your shoes then maybe you can eventually build a website. But i also think like Danial said above, you could buy old, trashed shoes and restore them. other then that, you are doing pretty good."
    • I liked this Critique for many reasons. First, I liked the topic i was reflecting on. it was a project on selling shoes like Air Jordans, KD's, and more. I also liked it because i gave some business advice on advertising which I think might be good. And also i know a little bit about the topic and I gave more advice on it. I felt this reflection was informative, somewhat creative, and helpful.
  • "Have you thought about trying to add video of the car running or just pictures of the car itself. I have noticed you have been working on this project for a little while so you should at least add 1-2 pictures and 1 video. You might want to add more information (or details, examples; counter-examples) needed to support your project. The description of your project on it's page is very minimal and doesn't have enough detail to give the reader a good image of your project. if you can try and document once or twice a week, It would add a lot more detail then you have right now."
    • I liked this critique because I think I was very descriptive and constructive compared to earlier critiques I have done. Michael V was doing a mouse trap car project and his page had no videos or pictures and had 1-2 sentences describing his project on his page. What I was trying to say in my critique was to basically just add pictures, videos, and add a couple more sentences about the mousetrap car.

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