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  • Pl@yersHq-link
    • We Made our first blog post. It was about a new game called Fortnite Battle Royale. It has some tips and tricks that you can do when in the game to help you win. We think these tips will really help you win or at lest get better . We also put a little video in the blog from some of the best players in the world giving you some minor tips that they use to get better when they play. There are only 5 tips and tricks but they are really good ones. This is why we choose our project.

  • NXT Lego Project

    • In this project I have been working on a little lego robot. I have used a kit with all of the pecies and the instrocutions on the computer. I choose to do this project all by my self. when I started this project it was really fun at first but when I got farther in the project it got more changing. And I got more distracted. I thought this was really great for me because I never knew how to do this and put the pesecies together. I love this product and hope to keep on doing it!
  • NBA Mixtape - NBA Youtube Channel
    • in this project we made a lot of mix tapes of NBA players. we used downy and YouTube to make them. i chose to join in with graham with the mix-tapes because it sounded fun and could lean a lot from it. when i stared the project i loved it because i got to learn how to put little clips together and and music. i thought it was really cool because i never knew how to do that i i love doing it now.

  • WeDo Lego's
    • In this project I have been making Lego and they give me instructions and so fart I have done 2. after I have done 3 I will make my own one and not have any help or instructions. did really good this week because i got to step 14! I don't have a partner because I wanted to do the project on my own and with no help.
  • Sploder
    • I plan to make my own game with sploder. i think it will take me a few week to make it because I have not made one of the games before on the new game sploder. I think i will learn how to create new and very fun games. I think it will be good for me because it will make me more creative because it has fun characters. it will challenge me because i have never heard of this game and its hard to place the blocks and it wants the game to be perfect and you and it makes you make adjustments and all sorts of stuff to make it perfect before you can publish the game so everyone can see it i think i will love this game because you can be as creative as you want to be and make any kind of gamer you want to make i will love this game also because it is fun ans it's very creative.
  • NFL Blog
    • We got a little less farther than we expected because max was absent for one of the days in thinkering. on the next day we got pretty far because we put a lot of effort we put a lot of opinion. I stayed on task the whole time when max was here. I couldn't do the blog because it was on max's account and i don't know his password.
  • Baseball Batter And Pitcher

    • I chose this project because we thought we could learn how to program the pitcher and the baseball batter and the pitcher to think at the same time. I also picked this project because I could learn how to build a Lego robot. I think this prodject will be very cool and fun.
  • NFL Blog - JJK5 Lions Blog

    • I choose this project because I thought I could learn more about football. I also picked this project because I could learn to type more. I really like to blog now but I did not like to. My NFL blog is really good because i am getting lots of help from my felo class mates.
  • fun but at first I thought it was not going to be fun

  • Game Star Mechanic - Gamestar Mechanic

Top Reflections:

Today we got farther than we expected we got 3 steps done but we thought we were going to get 1 or 2 steps done. and we started the pitcher but we did not get very far. we got most of all of our plans done for the week. I chose this reflection because I thought it showed that we knew how to program and build a robot we have had great progress and we can get farther than we thought

Today I plan to make my own game with sploder. I think it will take me a few week to make it because I have not made one of the games before and it will challenge me i might get a little distracted because i might not like it at first but i will try my best not to get distracted.

We learned . . .

We almost got our favroite youtube fortnite players. after that the will post it. we have a video of one of the people we did because he made a really great play in the game and because he's really funny. we think that we will be done next week with this post and we hope that we can get more work done in a week and get less distracted and do really nice posts.

I chose this reflection because it shows how hard I like to work at school
  • I got done...
    I got done a paragraph and I did not get all of my details that I wanted I got a good solid paragraph but I was a little dis pointed in my self because I should have got 2 or 3 paragraphs. It was hard to get all of the information for my NFL blog.

  • I choose this because I thought it shows how I want to work really hard and get the best paragraph I can get. This also shows that I want to be focused and I get 1 paragraph when I am not focused.

  • I did really good this week because i got to step 14!

  • Top Critiques:

  • I think you should be more creative with your games you make next time.
  • I choose this because it shows how hard I work in class
  • maybe next time you could show us the games that you review and what you wrote

  • Explain why you chose to highlight this critique here.

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