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  • Project 1 Minecraft
    • I want them to notice that it is huge. It has a great stile and i love it. Minecraft hotel

  • Project 1 Spanish speaking. http://thinkeringstudio.wikis.birmingham.k12.mi.us/Spanish+speaking+project+jjj3 The first Quarter
    • I have been working on this project this whole year and my goal is to learn how to speak spanish fluently. I have been praticeing my vocabulary on duollingo, quia, mind snacks and more. My other goal is to get an A on my final spanish exsame in the seventh grade.Also i have create a wiki page so other people and I can learn and remember all of the vocabulary, nouns, food, and more .I did't just have success though I also had a lot of troubles too. I had to find the best website that will help me in my current day spanish and my future nonage in spanish and yet I still don't have a solution to that it is still a work in progress. Also I had wifi fails, learning/rembering fails, and even weekly goal fails. But this year i will never give up and i won't until i have reached my goal.

  • Spanish speaking project. http://thinkeringstudio.wikis.birmingham.k12.mi.us/Spanish+speaking+project+jjj3 The second Quarter
    • I have been doing a spanish speaking project for the start of this year for serial reasons. I want to improve my grade, I want to get an A on the final in 8th grade, and to speak spanish fluently. I have been using 2 sites so far with they are dulingo, and mind snacks witch have been working on my vocabulary. These sites have been so far effective they have nt been helping me but i am also been using this site called vhl central and it has been very effective on my new nonage in spanish. I have been doing homework activities on vhl central on to of extra actives. But i had a lot of challenges to overcome too like shutdowns, non working passwords, hard to reach, and more. This project has been a hard but fun/helpful project too.
  • Spanish speaking project. http://thinkeringstudio.wikis.birmingham.k12.mi.us/Spanish+speaking+project+jjj3 The third Quarter
    • This is at the top because I have worked really hard on it and I am moving faster than I ever thought I would. This is so existing because I have mastered basics, body parts, plurals, and more. This is my biggest academic achievement I have reach in my hole life. Spanish is a very hard subject for me, I used to get B's in it no I get A's. Also I have used it on vacation too. This is already coming in handy and I a loving it because now I can talk to people that I could no talk to them. Also I am trying to get into ore technology and stites so I can learn faster and get more thing done. Now I am making a plan or the summer so I can still learn spanish while at home. So now it is time o share what I have learned.
  • Spanish speaking project http://thinkeringstudio.wikis.birmingham.k12.mi.us/Spanish+speaking+project+jjj3 The Fourth Quarter
    • This is my top project for several reasons. One reason is that it is my only project I have worked on this whole year. Another reason that it is a very hard project and it gives me a huge challenge, learning another language. Also it is the best overall too because I learned so much, I have so much resources, and I have started to share all of my stuff with my friends, my family, and other groups in this class. Also this quarter I have added some more links to get ready for my biggest challenge to overcome, the summer. I need to make a plan and fast. Summer is just around the corner and I need to be prepared. I need to gain and maintain my nolage. On top of all of that I now have my library card so I can go on rosette stone at school and at home during this summer. I need to be prepared for any challenge. Also it is helping me in spanish class by letting me know things before the class does. This project has helped me in many ways but the biggest one is my grade. I used to get B's in spanish class. But now because of his project I am getting A's in spanish class. This project has helped me in school and out of school too. That is why this is my top project.

Top Reflections:

  • I/We have changed my/our plan... Quarter 4
  • I/We have changed my/our plan... by having to start on my portfolio and get all of my explaining and my hard stuff out of he way so I can get to my really hard stuff. This stuff is preparing for the summer plans for this project. Also I need to add some links so I failed that part this week. Also I helped some groups like I said I would. And also I practiced and compared with and I ended up being better. This week was a very good and confusing week.
    • This is my top reflection because it explains what my project is really about when I only have some things to do. It explains how I help other groups when they are in a bad time during their project. Also it says how I add links to my project. And that I got other people to play and I still bet them. This is my top refection because it shows all of my progress.
  • What if I/we Quarter 3
  • Tried more of dulling. It is so much better then mind snacks for my age i have learned it is way more effective. I will try so much more of that. I will be way more successful this way and that is what i mainly learned this week. To add on i finished bacics on duo lingo this week too.
    • This is my top reflection because it really explains what I am doing. It says what is the best thing for me because of studying at home, learning new things for the future at school, and using the language at school, at home , and on trips.On top of tat it expains my progress in this language on the app called dulling and how it is o easy on mind snacks.
  • /We learned... Quarter 2
    This week i have reached my goal on getting a lot of notes down on my spanish page but getting all of the epees on dulling there is a different story. I had to spend a lot of time on the notes so i could not finish 3 activities per day like i am supposed to do on my goal.So i leafed this week my biggest problem I will have everyday i do this project
    • In this reflection I loved it because it tells the people who read it or get read to my plan and my reflection. It tells everyone that I am making progress in my learning and also that I am taking nets so I can share, teach, and even ree read what I already read. This shows the audince hat I am working hard and that I am making progress. This small reflection shows so much of what I did and what I a going to do. Quarter 1
  • One frustration I/we had was ... that there was not much work that i could do this week. But i found out that vhl central had some extra activities that i could do so if there is a next time and if this happens again i will be prepared. Also next week i am hoping we will have so more online work i could do. I did not reach my goal.
    • I picked this one because this really explains what I am doing. It tells people what I am doing, what I have learned, what did I do that week. Also that it has all of the websites that I use on one reflection. This really can tell people that I am doing eel or failing. That is why I picked this reflection.

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