Jht2's Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Minecraft Middle Age Caslte Build
    • I choose this project because I thought this would be a huge challenge for us to do. We built a castle in Minecraft. No one in the whole class has ever done that. This is a huge commitment and it will take a long time. But, the result at the end will be worth it. Now that is an epic project. Although, this is not a finished project

  • Minecraft Middle Age Castle Build
    The is Part 2 Of our Minecraft Middle Age Castle build. We have just finished the walls and rapping up the building inside the castle. Then, we had to add decorations into the castle to make it look like it was not abandoned. We would add a Dragon in the middle and holes in the wall to look like it was under attack.

  • Jack and Gabe Model Rocket Proposal
    • I choose this project as one of my top projects becuase building a launching a rocket is really cool. This rocket could go over 1,400 feet. Sadley, we did not do this project becuase we found something else that was equally awesome.

Top Reflections:

  • " I am almost done with the Lion statue. It is soooo cool! gabe came late so ben
    finished his share wall and now all the walls are done. Ben also started to do more
    houses on the south wall. He started spawning villagers like crazy. It took soooooo
    long to get rid of them, even at the end of class there wwas still villagers runing around"
    • I choose this reflection as my top project becuase, this marked the completion of the MinecraftCastle! The Lion statue was the last thing needed in the castle project. It took us so long but it was worth it

  • " We have found Terraria and Mr. Whitmer is checking out the
    proposal. We have said we will not talk to other groups
    while doing this project
    • This is one of my top projects because Terraria is probably the best project I have found in this year of thinkering. It resembles from minecraft but it is so much harder! That is why I am doing it, for the challenge. It is a new game and we have no idea what to do. Trying out the game for the first time and we are the Ginnie pigs for the other kids who will come and do this.

  • We have gotten our Terraria Proposal Checked and approved so we will start next class. Because this is a new game, we just want to survive the first 25 Terraria day and night cycles to find out what this game holds
    • I chose this project because It marked the start of one of my favorite projects and it also stated that we are trying something out of our comfort zone. this is a new game that we have no idea what it is capable of.

Top Critiques:

  • " I think that you should add more detail, but besides that it looks really good! even though the videos didnt come up, I looked at them on my computer. They were pretty good! keep up the good work"
  • Yes, I agree with MMD3. What is the mallet for? you need to explain what the stuff is your using and how you use it and how it affects the result of leather.

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