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  • news broadcast on youtubeProject
    • the main reason why I choose this project to highlight here was that it was my first project in thinkering studios, and I was very interested in this project. this project was very challenging and I was proud of the semester that i did this project. i choose this because it is also the easiest project to explain and show what i did.
  • http://thinkeringstudio.wikis.birmingham.k12.mi.us/Minecraft+Amusment+Park+Proposal
    • i chose this project because it is the most interesting project i did all year. I have never played minecraft before but i decided to make an amusement park with the video game Minecraft. you should look what i am trying to accomplish and that forum
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Top Reflections:

  • " "We were able to record all of the news cast and we will be able to edit on weds."
    • on this day we where hoping to finish half of the recording but we were able to finish the recording, and it was the day i worked the hardest.
  • "today i will start my amusment park by adding the entrance and a toll booth."
    • i chose this reflection because this is my start of my new projetc, and there is a long way to go
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Great steps for setting up the project! It is a very strong base for your project. What made you chose video games, movies and sports? Are those all interest areas for you? How is this going to expand to other areas seperate from the videos about sports, movies and video games? Good luck with your project!
i chose this because this is when me and Ryan chose to do only video games and movies not sports

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simcity4jgb2 project proposal