JEG3 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Project 1: World Videos
    • I did this project with Jessie. This project is a project we are doing with people from around the world. We take videos of things we do or see daily. In the video we explain what we're doing/seeing. I chose this project because it is something I've never done before, it was a lot of fun to do, and I think I showed the most effort in it. The top of the page is a list of things that we wanted to take videos of ourselfs doing/seeing. The bottom is a couple of raw videos (videos that aren't edited) we did and who did the videos. This project might not be the neatest project, but I think I put a lot of effort into it.

  • Project 2: Videostars
    • I did this project with Jessie Whitmer. This project is using an app called videostar. Videostar is an app where you can make music videos and add effects to them. In videostar, when you're recording your videostar, it doesn't record the sound you make. I think that it really helpful when videotaping in a loud environment. I chose this project because it combined my favorite thing, music, with dancing. It was fun to do, but still produced a good product, so it was worth-while. I think there are still things we should work on, like choreographing the dancing instead of just winging it.
      project turned out really funny and fun to make, so I worked hard.

  • Project 3: Video Trailer
    • I did this project with Jessie Whitmer. We used an app called iMovie to make a trailer. It was about a girl who aha to go on an amazing adventure to find her brother. On the way to find her brother, she meets a girl who helps her. I chose to highlight this project because it was really fun to do, but I learned a lot from it. Some of things I learned are that you can have fun with your project and it will make your project better, but you also have to know when to stop. I also learned that to make a really good project and overcome problems, you have to think outside the box and be creative.

Top Reflections:

  • "Today Jessie and I tried out Posterino to see if it would be a good program, and found it to be a good program with easy functions cool effects. Jessie made a couple of Posterinos, and I tried to find a way to download Posterino on my Windows computer. I couldn't find a way. I learned that with internet programs, you have to research them before you download them."
    • I chose this reflection because I showed that I learned valuable information. The reason that the imformation was valuable is because it helped keep my computer functioning and it made sure that in the future, I don't download programs that could break my computer. I also clearly explained what we did that day.

  • "We saw that Mr. Fisher emailed us back, telling us to have our teacher email him. We showed our teacher the email and he said he was going to reply tonight and that we could go start videostar. We did the clean version of Payphone. I learned that when you have fun and aren't bored, you put more effort into your work."

    • I chose this reflection because it showed exactly what we needed and did. I think it was extremely detailed and clear. I think I also learned a valuable lesson about choosing your project and how to pick songs to do.

  • "I think that sometimes, our laughter and having fun got in the way of our learning. But as long as we get back to work quickly, I think we'll still learn a lot. We were efficient because we nicely criticized each other and helped each other understand what we didn't like about whatever we didn't like. We helped each other change things to make our trailer better. Next week we are going to make a trailer that I am going to write."
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because I was really truthful and I thoroughly described what I did and I answered all the questions I needed to answer.

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