JDR3's Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Project 4- Hair
    • I chose this as my top project because of how successful my group and I have been with it. We have learned many new things other than hair including how to properly edit a YouTube video. We make new videos every 2 weeks on new hairstyles and post them to our channel JKL Hair. So far we have been very good at posting and editing new videos on time. Previously we often got off task and didn't even get to editing the video, which made us get very behind in posting the video. During this project we also have learned many new hairstyles that we didn't even know we could do. Now that we have these hair and editing skills it will help us improve our other projects we work on in the future. This was a very fun, exciting and productive project that my group and I worked very hard on.
  • Project 3- Hair
    • I chose this as my top project because of how fun and hard my group and I worked on it. My group and I have a big interest in doing hair and that's why it's so much fun for us. We are also very good at it and take our time when doing hair. Some problems we had along the way is not understanding how to do a certain hairstyle. We watch many YouTube videos and find a hairstyle that we like but soon find out it is to challenging for us. The most difficult task was following along in the video while trying to do hair. This step is hard because it is multitasking and my group struggles with that. With lots and lots of practice, my group and I could eventually be very good and advanced at doing hair.
  • Project 2- Pillows
    • I chose this as my top project this quarter because it was fun and challenging to make all at the same time. My group and I have decided to make a business off of selling customized pillows. So far we have only made one pillow, but have many customers on the list. We had some problems along the way with this project. One problem was we could not figure out how to work the sewing machine. This was a big part because now we have to hand sew each pillow which takes even more time. The most difficult task for this project was sewing the stitches close together. At first we didn't and the stuffing kept coming out of the pillow. I feel that this business could be really successful if we work harder and faster.
  • Project 1- Fall DIY's
    • I chose this as my top project for this quarter because it was very fun for me to make. My group has decided to do seasonal room decor DIY's for each quarter. During making the fall DIY projects we had some problems along the way that we had to sort through and fix. The most difficult task of this project was cutting the wood for the chalkboard. We often either had the wood break, or found bugs living inside the wood! These projects were very fun, but for our next projects I feel that we have to plan what we are going to do better.

Top Reflections:

  • "We are doing very successful videos that are turning out great with our editing and voice overs. We have posted one video on the original braid and going to post another one on the french braid on Tuesday. On Thursday we are filming the fishtail video. Our next video is supposed to be the dutch braid and then we will be done with the basic hairstyles."
    • I chose this reflection because it shows how much better we have gotten at time management and posting and editing videos on time. We have worked very hard and have learned many new skills that are very useful. This reflection also shows how hard we have been working to do our best on this project. In the past with other project we ran into some problems but it turned out we fixed those. Overall we have worked very hard on this project and will continue to work hard for projects to come in the future.
  • "Today I had "hard fun" when we finally learned how to french braid! We worked really hard and all the hard work payed off. This will help us because now we can start doing other people's hair and maybe even learn to do our own. This project is very fun and my group and I want to continue to learn more cool hairstyles to do on each other!
    • I chose this reflection because it shows how much my group and I have improved on doing hair! We worked very hard on practicing and watching YouTube videos and all the hard work payed off. Now that we have this skill we can learn many other hairstyles to do on each other and many other people! This project was so fun and we can't wait to continue this for the rest of the school year.
  • "We started sewing our pillows. Now that we are each working on someone's order the pillows are getting sewn a lot faster. At this rate we can get at least 3 pillows done each week. We are starting to earn back Mr. Whitmer's trust in being a group again. Now we have learned that we can each be working on something different related to the project to get the work done faster."
    • I chose this reflection because it shows how much my group has improved. In the past my group had some trouble and we got split up. Now we learned we can all work on the same project but do different things that contribute to the project. This reflection also shows how successful our business is. I can't wait until our business kicks off and we start selling pillows like crazy!
  • "This project is meaningful to me because...We are very proud of our final projects. My room looks so good with all of the DIYS put up. Today we are going to be making a DIY YouTube channel. On the YouTube channel we are going to be putting up the upcoming projects that we are going to do. Mr. Whitmer said that this is a good way to show off our work and we agree. We had research help from other groups for tips on our YouTube channel. We also watched a video on how to edit videos good."
    • I chose this reflection because it shows that we are done with the fall DIY projects. It tells the reader how the projects look in our rooms and what we will be doing going forward with more projects. It also tells that we are going to be starting a YouTube channel to show off our work. Lastly, this reflections shows how hard we worked and that hard work pays off.

Top Critiques:

  • "Your project is really cool! I love the concept and the creativity that you put in to the game. I think you should take screenshots of the backgrounds and characters you made and post them on the wiki so other people can see the work you have done. Keep working hard!"
    • I chose this critique because it shows the method I use with the critique sandwich. I start with a compliment, than say my critique, then I end with a compliment. I feel that this method works well because it makes you feel so good about your work. This critique also shows that I really payed attention and gave my honest opinion to this person. I will use this method for further critiques that I do in the future!
  • "I loved your project it was such a good idea! I would have maybe measured the paint chip so they are all even on the picture frame. Other than that I loved this project and I really want to try it sometime."
    • I chose this critique because of how good and thoughtful I was in it. I gave a good complement and something I felt she could have fixed or maybe changed to make her project even better. Lastly, I ended with very positive ending showing that I really payed attention when she was presenting and how much I really liked the project she was doing. I will continue doing this format for many critiques in the future. I feel that this is a very strong critique.
  • "I really liked the video although I feel you could have added some more effects to make it more professional. When you are filming make sure the camera does not shake because I noticed the camera was a little shaky in the video."
    • I chose this critique because this was the best critique I have ever done. This critique shows that I really payed attention to the presentation and I gave a helpful suggestion. I also added some things that I thought could even make the project better. Lastly, I ended with a positive ending to show that their project was indeed very good and amazing. I really enjoyed doing critique groups because I get other people's opinions on my project.
  • "I think that it was a very cool project. I know your not done yet, but I think you should add dialogue to the characters. Also, Maybe you can fix the part where the building explodes because the viewers can see your hand. Other than that this project was very cool."
    • I chose this critique because I thought I did very well on explaining what I thought needed to happen. I was very clear on what I understood with the project and what I did not understand. I also added some suggestions on what I feel could make the project even better or what you could fix with the project. Lastly, I ended with the critique on something positive on the project.

All Projects: