Top Projects:

  • Foooooood!
    • I chose this proejct because my partner and i love to make amazing food. I do not usually eat breakfast so this project was a very good thing for me. I learned a lot about better methods to cook the foods and also a couple of different recipes i can use throughout my life. We documented all of this on our page so others can make our foods.
  • Takiaparti
    • I chose this project because my partner and I both did not have have enough time outside of school to take these items apart. We also wanted more things to take apart, and for these reasons, we did this project.
  • The Minecraft Project
    • I chose this project because it gave me a new thing to learn about besides some of the less fun projects. It also give me the ability to teach someone something new. I also though it would be really fun to take screenshots of me learning how to play the game. so everyone can see me learning all the way through.

  • The Minecraft Project P2.
    • Overall, the minecraft project and the minecraft project P2 were very fun/interesting and were a great learning experience.I leared how we have to cooperate to get things done faster, and how we have to be able to stay on task. In the minecraft project P2, we did a lot of small challenges that we very difficult. This was a great experience.
Today we plan to go to the nether with the obsidian we got from mining with a diamond pickaxe. We hope to kill blases to get blase rods, so we can get potions.
Today we went to the nether and got blase rods, so we made a brewing stand and are making/ Testing potions next class.
I chose this reflection because it shows that we are efficently getting work done in the short ammout of time we have .
  • -the edit project
    • I chose to make this project becuase i was so excited to learn how to make quality, great, videos that are the very best they can be. i think i can learn a lot from video editing. things like how to make slow motion look great. although I dont know how to do that yet, I think that I eventually.

  • The Gamestar Project
    • I chose to make this project because i wanted to learn how to make a cool game without taking a year on it. I think that i can still learn a lot about making games even though it would be a lot easier than usinhg a different program.

The Soda Hat

I chose to make this project because I wanted to create a hat for eating, drinking, and gaming. The drinking is on the left of the hat, the eating is on the right, and the gaming headset (For chat, and in game volume) is underneath the hat. I think I can Learn a lot about "special clothing" (Clothing that has other features besides being clothes) and how to make it.
Top Reflections:

  • "unfortunately i couln't find diamonds next time i will try again in the server. i learned where to find the diamonds. i also learned that some things take patience, and some things you figure out right away.
    • I liked this reflection because it showed how much i learned in a day. And It showed how i can learn things unrelated to minecraft. like how i learned some patience.
  • we plan to explode a tomato today and see if the explosion is big enough to look good in slo motion, and try to improve the FPS on jakes phone or maybe my camera and see if we can improve the FPS.-
  • I like this reflection because it shows that i leared all about how FPS can effect Slow motion and how the quality is of the video when it is in slow motion.

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All Projects:

  • Today I got a great start to my new world and made a house and some basic tools.But i couldnt get the best start
Today I started a new World And tried to get diamonds Super Fast. I coulnt find any though, but i learned a new method of mining, its called strip mining.
I kept Going On my old world and found a dongeon in a jungle and had all these blocks in the chest

  • sploosh.jpegbig-.jpeg

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZC2mlxn7fg - Link to Backwards apple smashing
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPWYXbvyzZ8 - Link to Epic Spit Ball