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jdc3 minecraft
  • I have learnd to make a crafting table. I have learnd how to surivie in the wild and craft.I had to make a hiding hole to surivir then i made a house. and then we made a hotel so three of us could live in it. chirs luke and me are living in a house to gathere and we made traps so we cuold keep jt and kellen out of the house.
  • i have leand now how to craft armor and make two story house i learnd how to craft and cook and i learn how to fight and biuld i did it and it is very good but that world got deleted and that was sad becuase i had alot of stuff.
  • Project )the project is a surivle world my goal is to get full diamond armory and enchanted is i found a wich house but there was no wich.
    • if the wich comes back i will kill it savfic and blase and alex are on it and i think i am doing the best.

  • Jack And Markis Gamestar page
    • i have be makeing gamea and other games to get new ideas m goal is to get 50 plays and less then 2 wins and i did it with my best game 30 seconds of death it is the best game i like it alot and it is to hard fo people to beat and the fisrt level only has been beat 4 times it is so hard.
  • Jack And Markis LED page
    • me and markis are going to make led lights and play with them and see how they work we have not started the project yet because we were ordering the matriles and it took for ever.
  • Lego Master Kit 1 Getting Started
    • This project is building higher level legos and following steps and reading tips to make the design look cooler and build it faster than before. IN this project we built 3 different planes one was a rocket one a jet and one a regular plane. it taught me and Matt to work together better and help other people on the project
  • Jack and Brodys Gamestar page
    • This project is a great project to learn and be creative me and Brody have been trying to excel and beat levels only 100 out of 12 thousand have beat and we have succeeded in every level we are trying to find a hard challenge but we have not failed to beat a level yet. we have learned strategies how to beat the levels. this is a much higher level than the last time i did this project because we are trying to win global scale contests that is the finally goal of are group.
  • Stencly page
    • This project is a very good project for me it is teaching my how to code and make new games. i like this project because i am learning it by my self and testing other people games for ideas for my next game that i will make. this project is like a step up form game star. right now in my project i am testing other games to get new ideas for my game that i will be making and publishing. i am using stencly for this project and it is a great tool to use when you are trying to make a game. i have found one game i like a little more than the other ones it is called upgrade shooter i have a screen shot of it on my page.
  • Jack C's Sim City page
    • This project was a very good learning experience for me because i learned how to run a city and control the taxes. i also had to learn how to work with a partner what was really challenging to let someone else do the work instead of me being a control freak.i also learned why people move into a city when i was trying to increase my population i had to look at the RCI which told me what the people want and when i did what they want more people moved into the city. After people moved in and you lost space for zones in your city you have to get more people with out making more zone that is the real challenge in the game.

Top Reflections:

  • " I lernd how to use iorn. and we left the hole. we also found a cave. and we whent and found a moutain to build a village it was a great place to live so we made houses.
    • the hilit of the game is that i got a lot of iron i a cave.
    • "i whent mineing with blaze and jt seltons were sniping us from a clif. wen i found a new cave a creeper killed b. the the scelatens killed jt and then blaze walk in to lava and we lost all of are stuff."
  • i chose this project be cause minecraft is a suriver.
    • me and blaze are making the floor of it. it is the bigest castle i ever made. the floor is spuersd wood plancks. and the walls are smooth sand stone. and the roof is lapisthasuly
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  • this is the project we are doing
    • we were looking up the led lights we were going to use and then we were we found the led light that we were going to order and they took a long time to come in so it took alot f time away from the project so we learned how to make them from videos
  • today i worked on the final page the hard part was renaming all of the pictures it was hard work to figure out the second part i had to think the most was at the end i had to figure out how to get a page that could help other people that did the project in the future it was not easy but i found a page that you can buy the set off of then i had to give steps for how to start this was hard i had to think of steps that would help other people with getting started with this great project. i had to think of how i was going to set up the final [age and think about what would be on the page.
    • i think that that day i could of thought more about how to make the page even better and talk about how i thought of how to share the page in a even bigger network like on the lego master builder website i could of posted that page to get some feed back could of done a lot of more thinking to do betteri i could also got more done that day\
  • me and Brody started to make a game that is really fun and helping other people like Patrick and ;Logan because they want us to beet there games for us because they suck at it me and Brody beat tons of games. we also beat tons of hard levels that only 100poeple have beaten out of 12 thousand. we learnd new strategies and ways to beat lots of peoples leaves but every level has a different way to beat it no to levels are the same ever. that is why game star has challenged us
    • The reflection was good because i learned something this reflection is that when you reflect on what you did today to see how much progress you made that day and how much you want to do each day. you will also learn how to reflect on things and that is a good life skill.
  • I / We want to learn

    i started to look for a new project with mr whitmer i learned a good way to look for a project page first you go to the project ideas then you look at ever project and look for ones you are interested and mark them then go back to therm once you look through all of them and find which project you want to do i think i might start to do Stenyl but i am not sure if it will hard but i will try it.
    • this is a good reflection because i stated what i learned and i learned how to find a new project by looking at them and only looking at the ones i am interested in. the project that i am doing right now is very fun and challenging i am learning how to make a game so i think the way i found this project worked really well for me and lead me to success.
  • I / We want to learn.
  • Me and Nate where trying to get to 60k people in our city but we ran into a lot of problems are water was very very unstable and broke really to fix that we went to you tube and searched up how to have a good water system in Sims city. a lot of videos came up so we clicked on the first video and i learned how to fix are water. when i fixed are water 5 thousand people moved in and helped our city.
    • I think that this is a good reflection because i explained what we did that week and how it helped my city. i also explained how we problem solved to make a good water system. this reflection helped me learn better because i could reflect on that weeks work it helped me look at what i did and think did i made alot of progress that week of work.

Top Critique

  • I liked your project but you could add a page just for the project and you also could explain to people on that page how you use the software that you showed us in your presentation. you also could tell why you are doing the project and what you are learning in the project while doing the project
    • I think that this critique help jack and took a lot from it this critique helped him see his project in his peers eyes.
  • I like your project it was a good idea, you could add some tips to making the pens and the other stuff you are making. you also could make a wiki page separate from the wiki to share your tips with the world not just are class. you could also make hard projects then a pen. and you could sell the stuff you make. besides that i liked your project
    • i think this critique really helped them and gave them my opinion and i think they liked having someone give them more ideas to make there project more successful then if they did not get any help every from there peers.
  • I liked your project it was very cool and interesting i think you could add a wiki page with helpful hints on what your could do in the game you showed me you also could add some tips to help new comers to the game and show them how to play. You also could ad pictures of your creations that you have made in the game.
    • i think that this critique helped them to get more ideas from a other student in the class. my ideas might have helped him make his project. i think this was my best critique because i gave him ideas to share his knowledge about the game with other people who might want to play the game and use his tips to help them get better faster.
  • Maybe you could take some more photos then the ones you have taken. you also could make your own blog so your photos can be seen be more than just your class mates. you also could take photos of other things and have different weeks where you take photos of different stuff. you also could take 5 photos a week instead of 10 but make them more high quality
    • I think this critique helped her project because she used my idea to take higher quality photos but less of them a week. this critique also helped her share her photos by making a page to help people and give them tips to taking photos at higher quality than before.

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