JCN1 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Mint Tin Games
    • This quarter, Brayden and I overcame many challenges, mostly involving the small details of the board game inside the tin. Our original plan for the
      Tic-Tac-Toe was to use plaster to lay a base. Although this would have made it more stable and the pieces would not roll around, it would've taken to much time to complete. It also would've been difficult to use the plaster, as we had minimal experience, and if we used the same technique, there would be many air bubbles and the board wouldn't be level. To solve this issue, we used paper with a board drawn onto it, as it was faster and more likely to be stable. Our next project, Altoid Tin Putt-Putt, was much better than the previous two projects, and we googled how to set the plaster, to improve the structure of the base.
  • Fresh Mint DIY
    • This quarter, Brayden and I worked on creating mint tin board games that can fit in your pocket and be used on the go. Our original plan was to complete around 4 or more games, but we only achieved the completion of one board game, because of many setbacks that caused delays and disfunction within our objective. These setbacks such as lack of materials available, and uneven plaster in the table caused us to delay the cutting of the felt fabric, to use clay to fill the holes.
  • Minecraft Scale Stadium Project
    • This marking period, my partner (Jude) and I have completed a large portion of the stadium. We have continued to build the large base of the stadium, which provided us with many challenges. One of the largest setbacks was when we had incorrectly measured one of the quarters of the circle, which forced us to change it to the appropriate measurement. This was a major setback, because we had to redo the entire fraction of the stadium. We also had some complications with making the stadium curve, because it was difficult to eyeball the curve, and come up with the proportionate curve.
  • Minecraft Stadium
    • This quarter, Jude and I have made a lot of progress on our stadium. We decided to choose the Superdome, the home field of the New Orleans Saints. This proved to be a challenge for our building because we have to figure out how to create the curve similar to the real stadium out of blocks. We overcame this challenge by using the large size of the stadium to our advantage, and placing blocks in a symmetrical curve pattern. Another issue was when we lost our world when we attempted to update the launcher, but we worked to overcome it by learning how to backup the worlds, and prepare in case it fails.
  • ExtraSolar
    • This year, Evan and I have made incredible progress on Extrasolar, travelling around the map and discovering many foreign species and discovering many plants and identifying multiple animals. We have recently completed the game, unearthing that XRI was illegally transferring money from the United States government to their accounts, and getting rid of people who knew too much about their organization. We have learned a lot from Extrasolar, and we have grown mentally. We are more open minded and can analyze pictures with more detail and we can plan ahead more efficiently and manage our time. We have accomplished a great deal of things ever since we discovered extrasolar, and we hope to find a project as powerful as extrasolar next year.
  • ExtraSolar
    • This Quarter Evan and I worked on figuring out why the Exoplanetary Research Institute is very dodgy and do not want to discuss certain things based on security clearance, because why would they hide something about outer space because what is there to hide? We pondered this thought for a while, and attempted to search the database for Ryan Arling, but they were encrypted. This led us to wonder even more about what is happening inside the XRI. Kryptex81 continued to send us emails on what to do, because we supposedly owe him for getting us in the XRI database as one of the rover pilots and into their database without raising the alarm about something being wrong.
  • ExtraSolar
    • This quarter Evan and I worked together looking for a simple yet interesting project to work on, and during our search we found ExtraSolar. ExtraSolar is a game where you control a rover on a newly discovered planet 10 light years away called Elipison Prime. On this planet you have to explore and search through the Exoplanetary Research Institute's (XRI) web of lies to shield how the gain their funds, and why they're exploring a planet 10 light years away and what business they have exploring a far away planet. To figure this out, with the help an unknown person name 'Kryptex81' he gets you into XRI and helps you, but he wants you to figure out whats going on in the XRI, and figure out what they're doing and how.
  • Wolfquest Tips n' Tricks
    • This marking period Evan and I started working on wolf quest, a simulation where you are a wolf and you have to hunt for food and start a pack as well for survival. We have progressed greatly with figuring out how to use tools the game provides. I am proud of the fact that we figured out how to solve multiple issues on our own involving survival, and starting up a pack of our own. We have progressed massively with this game and I would like to present our progress.
  • Raspberry Pi
    • Raspberry Pi I chose this project because it is the first project we have done, and are still attempting to complete because it is a milestone in thinkering. We completed multiple tasks and goals during the first marking period, like figuring out how to maneuver around the programs of the pi, and figure what were the problems, and how could we fix them.

Top Reflections:

  • We were efficient because accomplished our goals and surpassed our expectation. I think we did this because we uploaded our video and edited it, and begun designing our next project. We efficiently designed a mini golf/putt putt hole to fit inside an altoid tin. We are using the same altoid tin as usual, but this time, we are planning on getting adhesive felt, so it does not create lumps like it would if we taped or hot glued it on.
    • I chose this reflection because it explains what we did that week specifically, and also talks about how we adjusted to our situation. This provides evidence that we were productive and thoroughly researched the project and how to design a better base with plaster. This improved efficiency for us, as we had set new guidelines on how we were going to use our materials, what we needed to buy and in what quantities.
  • We struggled when we worked on our proposal. We found it difficult to come up with reasons to be a group of three, but we kept working on our desired goal. We found it hard for all of us to divide up the materials, and design a plan for our project, but we persevered and eventually got through it. We were also successful with our proposal, because we efficiently made the changes needed to get our proposal approved, and now we are going to begin with the mint tin project.
    • I chose this reflection because it represents our open mindset that we used to approach the situation (the creation of the proposal). It shows that we persevered throughout the creation of the proposal, because it was difficult to come up with a strong reason with evidence that we would need a third partner, and that they could, and would contribute a fair share to the creation of the pool table and other future board games.
  • Our thinking was revolutionized when we began to rethink our design and plan for the project. This impacted us because we spent more time deeply thinking about the project. But we also, we got past our previous thoughts of how we wanted the video, and opened our mind to doing a simpler captions to narrate the video. This helped us because it was more fluent, and there was no background noise.
    • I chose this reflection because it demonstrates perseverance and adapting and learning from our failures. I think it shows perseverance because the general topic of the reflection discusses what had happened, and the whole reflection demonstrates how we had gotten through our challenges. The reflection also shows how we adapted to our environment and learned from our mistakes, because the reflection discusses what we had done to fix our sound quality issue, and overcome it by using captions to narrate the video.
  • One way we received feedback today was when Mr. Whitmer told us we needed to figure out why the Evan and Quentin's ford field dimensions were about have the size of the Superdome. This helped us figure out a scale that would work for both of us. We also had a lot of progress, as we corrected the scale issues and also showed Mr. Whitmer a birds eye view of the stadium, to prove that it is a circle. Not only that, we managed to begin construction on our stadium. That feedback showed us that we needed to think more strategically and careful with the details and scale.
    • I chose this reflection because it demonstrates our cooperation between two groups, and our acceptance and skills in compromise. This is a good reflection because it shows our good work ethic towards our architecture project, and how we reacted to the feedback and input given. It also shows how productive and motivated we were as we accomplished astronomical feats.
  • One way we showed resourcefulness was when we were attempting to figure out how many species there were within extrasolar. We solved this small issue by using our resources we had available to us. We chose to research different websites and game reviews about extrasolar, to attempt to figure out other species we have not discovered on epilison prime, but we did not find very many useful things because they usually talked about outer space rather than our project. This became frustrating because of the constant websites that did not provide much help.
    • I chose this reflection because it displays the struggles and work put into our project and how determined we were that day to figure out something simple, and how we used 'Inventive Thinking' (Type 3) and our resources to research information regarding our project. This reflection shows what we wanted to know, and how we attempted to find it out, using and taking advantage of our online and physical resources. Although we didn't figure out our question, it still improved our knowledge of using resources to our advantage.
  • Our next step will be to finally visit the gps unit and get the id code for xri database, so we can hack into it and then figure out who Ryan Arling is, which is great because we have been waiting to open the file for a long time, and that will feel amazing once we do open the encrypted file. Not only that, but we discovered 2 new species, one photobiont and our second motobiont in extra solar.
    • I chose this reflection because it explains clearly what is happening currently in our project and how much progress we have completed at the time when this reflection was created because it was helpful data to us knowing how many photobionts and motobionts we found on Epilison Prime in one day, and also how many different species we identified. This reflection also discusses how it will feel to finally open the encrypted file about Ryan Arling.
  • This week we had a breakthrough when we discovered a message from Kryptex81, saying he had removed our rover's safety measures, and sent us a link to a website called exo leaks, a conspiracy theory website about the Exoplanetary Research Institute and their advanced technology and secrecy from the public, and there are a ton of theories on the website. I thought and reflected very deeply about this website and I do not want to trust the XRI because of the links and evidence provided about them.
    • I chose this reflection because it reflects upon significance of how much more area we had access to because of Kryptex hacking into the system, and he showed us a link to a conspiracy theory website about XRI and it talks about how I felt during this recent time about the shady theories about XRI, making me wonder if it is a staged research project, or is XRI hiding what is going on on Elipson Prime?
  • "We were resourceful when we were opposed with the problem that we couldn't get to the Pi's starting screen, only downloads screen. We eventually figured out what to do with the downloads and made great progress in our goal." 1/5/15
    • I think this is a good reflection because it describes the issues we have been having, and how we eventually found out how to get past the download files screen, and how far we had come in just 2 class periods with the raspberry pi's progressions throughout the 2 days.
  • We were resourceful when we were opposed with the problem that we couldn't get to the Pi's starting screen, only downloads screen. We eventually figured out what to do with the downloads and made great progress in our goal.

    • I chose to highlight this reflection because it discusses how we used the things at our disposal to help us progress and advance towards our goal which is a useful skill for the workforce.
  • We can think of different ways to solve the task of connecting to wifi by overcoming it with a wifi adaptor or cisco java applet. But most importantly, we can overcome it with, working hard and persevering.

    • I chose this reflection because it reminds me of the challenges we persevered in to complete, and are still battling to find out the issue of figuring out how the wifi for the raspberry pi, which can be quite frustrating at times, but we will continue to attempt at figuring out how it works.

Top Critiques:

  • I enjoyed watching the presentation, but given the time left in the year, I think it will be difficult to finish your project in time for the end of the year. But to assist you, I think you should create a schedule of what you're going to do on a certain date.
    • I chose this critique because it delivers helpful advice about being organized and planning ahead. This advice is positive, and still benefits the presenter (PCJ2), by dispensing advice about how to make the project process smoother and more efficient, by taking time to plan out a calendar.
  • I thought the montage was fun to watch, and the music complimented the video, but in some parts I thought the camera was a bit shaky, and if that was fixed, I think it would make the montage better.
    • I chose this critique because it delivers the critical advice positively, by first discussing the positive things about the video, such as how the music sounded good when played in the background over the video. It also mentions what could've made it better, when it talks about how the camera was slightly shaky, and it could greatly improve the video if it was fixed.
  • I enjoyed the presentation of the origami, and it seems like a fun project to do. I think it is cool to see all of the cootie catchers and learn about what you have done so far. I think it would be cool if you learned to do an origami crane, or a bird. Overall it's an interesting project and I would like to learn more about it.
    • I chose this critique because it is nice feedback that can be understood fairly quickly, and it gives meaningful advice to improve the project. The critique gives helpful insight when it says, "I think it would be cool if you learned to do an origami crane, or a bird." the quote is very polite and helpful advice that can be positively used towards completing Alaina's goal.
  • I thought your project and presentation was great, but I think you should rethink how you record the audio, because there was a lot of chatter and a little bit of crackling in the background, drowning out your voice, making it difficult to hear the commentary at times.
    • I chose this critique because I think it is very polite feedback, that can be interpreted easily. It is also very specific, highlighting what should be improved, and why it should be changed. I also think it is very helpful, because it is a real opinion giving good feedback of what can be revised to make the project better.
  • I really liked watching the football highlights and clutch moments, and I can't criticize anything, but I will suggest putting in maybe a few basketball moment and/or the Auburn Alabama game with the field goal return from a few years ago.
    • I chose this critique because I think, it would be nice to get good feedback as an opener, and it would make me feel a lot better than starting off with criticism. I would also find this critique useful because of the helpful information I could learn from. Suggestions are always helpful and can really move a project forward, so, 'I will suggest putting in maybe a few basketball moment and/or the Auburn Alabama game with the field goal return from a few years ago.' would be helpful because the most useful information is pieces that can help you finish the puzzle and advance a project.
  • We have noticed an increased building structure size, which is great, but I was thinking the presentation could be better next time by explaining your project a little more which would give us a better understanding of what you are doing in Minecraft, but good project and progress since the last time we checked in with your project.
    • I chose this critique because it really represents what I thought of the project and all the progress he has made since the last time we did peer and critique with Nick, and I really enjoyed watching him roam around building his elevator and Hotel structure, but it also has something he could improve on and think about, which is how he explains his project because he explained it for about 27 seconds and then just started playing and not talking anymore, which left us wondering what he was doing. Which is entirely why I mentioned, 'the presentation could be better next time by explaining your project a little more'
  • Interesting Project, but it would be nice if it was improved visually in the presentation, as well as a little more project demonstration. I enjoyed the discussion about the 14 floor elevator you are planning to build. Great project and I hope you have good luck with it.
    • I chose this critique because of how deeply I thought about writing this, because I was instantly intrigued when Nick mentioned he was preparing to build a 14 floor elevator, which sounded extremely difficult in mine-craft due to the basic redstone, because it only has lines, repeaters and levers as well as torches that give power and pistons, are the only main redstone objects in mine-craft.
  • Good fun project, but we think it needs more of a general subject and a better demonstration.
    • I chose this critique because it is my first and only post this year so far, but also it demonstrates some basic constructive criticism such as improve the demonstration visually because it was difficult to picture it without pictures, but also a more guided presentation instead of just showing some stats and player names. I also wrote 'Good fun project,' because all in all, it sounded easily enjoyable for most people.

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