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Top Projects:

  • Electronics project
    • This is defiantly one of my favorite projects that I have done so far. I really enjoy working with electronics and even do it at home too. I'm more used to using an Arduino so this is a little out of my comfort zone. I haven't gotten very far through the book yet so there isn't much I can talk about with that but I am eager to learn more about this.
  • Unity project
    • In this project I made a game I unity or at least I tried to make one. It turned out to be way harder than I would have assumed. I ran into a lot of problems with the coding aspect of this mainly because you just had to copy and paste the code from the site. Every time I copy and pasted a code the stupid thin would'nt work. Josh and Dyson were a big help when I got confused or needed some help but and thanks to them I actually ended up with something kind of playable.
  • PC project
    • This project was all about computers which was and interesting idea but it didn't turn out how I planned. I ended up doing the project with Jack M which ended up a mistake since I did more watching than doing. It wasn't really anyone else's fault I just felt more in the way than anything. I did still end up learning a decent amount about computers though. I learned a little about actually making computers but a lot more about computer safety which is pretty important to. the most dissapeointng thing I learned is PC's are primarily all about pretty lights and LED's its a little sad.
  • Programming project
    • I ended up learning a lot more than i expected too learn. Programming is actually pretty fun to learn and just mess around with. I did really use code combat that much because i learned more on it and code combat was mostly playing. I also learned some new websites to use from Mr. Brown the engage teacher. So in all I think I learned a decent amount and of course i'll keep working on this outside of school.
    • This time i am working on something i am quite fond of programming. The language i have been working with this time is Java script i've been practicing it on codeacdemy and code combat as well. The main idea of what i'm doing is learning the language in order to use it to make something to show what i can do with it. I have only been learned the language so far but i think i'll be making something with it soon. I might work with other programming languages later in the future but I don't know which ones i'd want to use.
    • I have been working with red stone a lot more now than before. I still work with commands as well I have found a few commands that are really helpful. The clone command is very helpful with building anything. It allows you to copy anything in the world this is useful because i can make templates for buildings. I have learned a lot of new stuff about command blocks and commands.
    • I think that I know a lot more things about Minecraft that can help us. Dyson and I are In the process of building an Amusement park. We are going to incorporate as much red stone and commands into it as possible. I am very interested in Minecraft commands and I have learned a lot more about them because of this project. I am really looking forward to seeing how The Amusement park project turns out to be.
  • Project1 game star mechanics
    • it was the first project I actually stayed in. I the most it was just so much fun. I choose this project because I'm trying to improve my . I've played many games that help me do that. but none of them are as fun as game star mechanic. It taught me a lot about what makes a good game
  • Project 2 game star mechanics
    • it is a very fun game to play. I had a lot of fun doing I also enjoyed this one. I loved to play it I really enjoyed it helped improve my game making skills.I've wanted to make games for a long time. this help me do it in a way.
  • Project 3
    • we are doing pretty well we have some basic commands running now. Thats a good start plus its also really fun to. I love using commands in Minecraft and we work well together so the projects going well. I am trying to add all of the cool I know into the project as well. Me and Karl have been doing all kinds of cool stuff with commands and command blocks.

Top Reflections:

  • We don't understand
    Today I started to watch Dyson and ask questions to see if he could help me. I have a problem with getting my ball to move.He wasn't really that helpful so I'll talk to josh next time. Because he seems like he could help meet some as well.
    • I didn't do much this day but what I did do this reflection talks about pretty well. This day I had a lot of struggles and Dyson could't really do anything to help so I learned to ask josh a bit more.

  • "Today we ordered all the parts we need for our computer. so with the time I had remaining I decided to study up on my computer knowledge. I decided to look into the case since I didn't understand it much. I think they seem to be for aesthetics than I thought but turns out its just for protection and looking nice."
    • I think this is the best refection mainly because it the reflection where I talk about how much I learned. I went into this project because I wanted to learn more about computers and In this reflection I actually get to talk about it. Most of my other reflections are more about problem solving and things similar to but this one is different .

    • This reflection just says what i'm doing and pretty well. its not super short either so I think its pretty good.
  • I have completed two of my java script lessons. I am 25% through the course next time we will also be working with code combat. I will be splitting my time up equally half of the time i'll be on code academy the other half on code combat.
    • The reflection states how many lessons i completed at the time. It also says what percent of the course i have completed. It also tells what i'm going to be doing next time.
  • today i mastered the clone command today. I am also making a few templates we can use for buildings. An example would be shop and restaurant. I will Also help dice with some red stone work.
    • This is tells what I understand what its about. It makes sense to me why i would reflect on this. it was a very important part of what i did that day. It also tells you how I am planning to use this command.
      This is pretty informative and I understand what its about. It makes sense and I can read it so its not that bad. I Get why I type this because it was the main thing we did that day. It also tells you what I am planning to work on next class
    • We are done with the entrance it looks pretty good. We Will be working with red stone next time we will start building more. I have made some things in case we need them. One of them is speed incase we need to get around fast. I have also learned how to get items not found in the creative menu.
    • I have finished most of the tutorial today. to move on I think I have to finish all the bonus levels. I have also published one game and played one game. The first game you publish is for the building tutorial. its a tutorial on how to create game using game star mechanic".
    • we started to practice our skills in the some mini games. that was really fun i liked it. its always fun when we play the mini games. we really improved our skills to I am really good at parkour now. Its always fun to do I really enjoy this project.
    • Today I tried to summon a mob stack. Sadly I could only summon one mob. the reason is the video learned it from was older. I am watching a new video next time. I will always remember to check to see if its 1.9. I also made a test chamber for dangerous commands or things that explode. This reflection is one of the best because it is well detailed. Also because it is longer than normal sometimes I don't write much. So this reflection is great compared to some of the others.
  • Explain why you chose to highlight this reflection here.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this reflection here.

Top Critiques:

  • You have a great idea for a project but you could try to present your project with a little more excitement next time.
    • This was kind of the only reflection I could find at the time buts its not that bad but its not crazy good either.
  • Maybe you could add some more variety to your scenes
    • The question asked is pretty important if you don't spice up your scenes a little the video can seem very repetitive. I don't think anyone wants to watch a music video where there is only a few different scenes.
  • you should try to improve on the sound I couldn't understand what you where saying
    • It gives advise on how they can improve without being rude. Clearly says what they can fix and is actually something that can help them if they ever do something like that.
  • this is my only critique this year and Its ok. It tell what I mean but I could be a little nicer. Maybe I can use words in a bit of a nicer way
    • critique 10/19
      you should try to make your movie more spooky. The only scary part was at the end of your movie.
    • "maybe you should think about making Lego characters. like from your favorite game or team or even make your own. Lego characters can look like anything so maybe you should design your own."
  • it is the latest and the best critique I have done. I was really trying to help him grow his project. I have only done a couple critiques so far. so I didn't have much to choose from but this is still the best. I am very new to this so it was a little hard to write it. plus this is the only one I had a little problem on. I accidently copied the answer riley had. on my computer Riley's answer didn't show up, after I finished I went on with my project. Then Braden came up and said you copied Riley's. So I had to go back and make another one.
  • This is my reflection , today I tried to summon a mob stack. Sadly I could only summon one mob. the reason is the video learned it from was older. I am watching a new video next time. I will always remember to check to see if its 1.9. I also made a test chamber for dangerous commands or things that explode. I think this is one of my best reflections because it is well detained and longer. I sometimes write a bit short but this is a good size.

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