JAS14 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Project 1 razer black widow keyboard lighting tutorials
    • the project interested me
    • i want to learn more about the synapse software and how to use it
    • it would give me experience with video editing
  • Project 2 unity game codeing

Top Reflections:

  • "today I tried to make my keyboard spell my name with not very much succession it did not go as I had planed and looked somewhat ugly. It maybe possible for me to try to have a wave format to write my name In it or I could possibly try to make it so it my keyboard say something else and with my ripple and wave preset i found success my wave worked out perfectly and my ripple effect went well with the background i made for it. A challenge I came across while trying to make my name preset was trying to make the J and the O which was hard to do with the seaboard layout not being symmetrical. another problem I came across while making my ripple preset was what background does the ripple effect look visible in I tried many differed backgrounds and none of the wave ones or any other regular color looked good but then. found a grey background and a red ripple was a good for the effect. for my wave effect it worked out amazingly but I did come across some problems one of which was that when I trie to make the wave effects go into each other then disappear with the being different colors I had to make 2 wave layers which was fine the problem arose when I tried to have the waves go into each other the timing for the waves was off with one going early or one going late but eventually I got it but then wen the third wave came it was at the same time as the other 2 so it was basically invisible so I had to change my timing agin for it to be visible and for the waves to be see."
    • I chose this refection because it shows how my success with some of the presets and the failure with the one
    • I also chose this because it was showing how much depth I went into in this reflection.
    • it also shows me explaining the problems I encountered while working.

  • "I ended up finding out how to add a physics collider to my unity map but when I tried to add the things I needed to the map asset the ball just fell though the ground again. so I'm starting a new project make a game with multiple planets and try to find the points on each one to beat the game."

  • I chose this reflection because it shows the struggles I had went through to try and add the physics to the map
  • I also chose this reflection because I show how I tried to fix the big problem I had encountered
  • I also chose this because It shows how I realized that I wouldn't be able to get the physics I needed to the asset and moved on

Top Critiques:

  • was really good and had a lot of effort put into it but you need to add collisions to the map

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