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  • Jar4 Minecraft
    • I choose this project because I love Minecraft but I don't know that much stuff about Minecraft computer version. So I think beating the Ender Dragon with a partner would show teamwork and I will be able to learn a lot more about Minecraft on the computer. I hope I could learn how to craft more materials and use them to my advantage. Also, I want to have fun doing something that is hard. Minecraft is really fun yet can really get frusterating, but that is okay. Because i know that it is just a game.
  • Minecraft Mazes Proposal
    • I choose to do this project because i don't really know a lot about making mazes, or doing mazes, but i feel that i am closest to finding than anything else i want to learn. I mean, everyone loves a maze, a mystery of where you need to go, so you can have an actual challenge. When I post this on the wiki, which i will do, i feel people will leave comments about impossibly and unique they are. Building the maze body is actually easy to do, seeing as i choose the right path, then kill the fun with some fakes and long, convincing paths that lead you to nowhere.
  • Five Nights At Freddy's Road to Night 7 IMovie Presentation

    • I choose this project at the time because i knew that i was good at games, but just not a horror games. Five Nights at Freddy's is a very popular horror game that everyone including me is afraid of this game, and they dare not play it. I put it upon myself to try this game and conquer my fears. I also added in a iMovie presentation to document everything i do and progress i make. This game is hard, i have seen people play this and its not AS scary as they make it out to be. As I'm typing this, i am not phased by any jump-scares this game offers, i play for the challenge of beating and outsmarting the anamitronics to win. Its also a great strategy game like Civilization V.

Top Reflections:

  • "Today we did everything on the list
    we made a decent server we got meat
    we got swords pickaxes and axes
    and we got alot of wood
    and we also died once."
    • I like this refection because of it shows a decent level of flashing back to see what I did. IT shows honesty of what happened. It's okay if I died once. I got back up and work hard.
  • People usually distracted me whilst playing Minecraft, such as Lance, Max, and Jacob L. They always talk to me and i end up pausing my work time accidentally and ending up responding. It bugs me that i do that, but also I just get caught in doing something funny with Aiden.

    But, if i had another chance at the Ender Dragon Project, I would post photos more often on the wiki. I would have stayed close with Aiden when we explore. And, i would not have so much problems that I'd have to quit and go to another Minecraft project and get kicked out of it again
    • I choose this reflection because it really showed whats happening around me and how people were acting. I answered about what distracted me, and how i would change things up if i do this project again. Of course, i failed my part on the last part, but trails and tribulations, man.
  • "If we had another week to do this, we would have gone out of the cave and make bows and a bunch of arrows.Because the dragon is going to be flying in mid air most of the time. Also, the towers of health can only be destroyed if something hits it. That thing is an arrow(s). Once we could destroy the health towers, we would have a better chance of beating the Ender Dragon."
    • I choose this reflection because it showed everything we did, and what we did wrong. In my opinion, this a great example of reflecting off what you do or did, like in real life. It also showed what we had to do in order to be successful, which we did not do.

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Madden 15 Ultimate Team PS4