Interior Design Project Proposal

Interior Design
I am trying to re-decorate a room so its more organized and appealing to the eye.
I want to learn how to have a good sense of style and make things more organized
I will be challenged when I have to completely change a room.
I do not know specific items, I am using multi purpose decor items.
Main Steps:
  • I will take a before video.
  • I will use YouTube to hold all of my documentation to show to viewers.
  • First I will edit my video the finally post it to YouTube.
The whole quarter.
  • Nobody else has done interior design so I got my inspiration when I got tired of my room and wanted to completely redo it.
  • My parents will help me move things around or give me tips on how to make the room the best it can be.
  • Home Decor Video Inpiration
  • Filmora
A difficult part of this project will be finding a way to show my room and show that I made it more organized.
Sharing/Teaching/Paying It Forward
  • The viewers might recommend the video to their friends or like the video.
  • People who watch YouTube I would like to get 30 views.
I will think that my video was successful if I get 30 views.
You can evaluate my work by seeing if the video is put together and gets 30 views.
This will be visible to others because viewers like videos if they have a good thumbnail and is nice quality and makes sense.
(Look at the Thinkering Studio Rubric for some ideas or possibly Rubistar.)
Design your own rubric.
“What are you making?” “Why are you making this?” and “Who is it for?”