Thinkering Studio Project Proposal: Fuzzy Monster Proposal

Fuzzy Monster/ Ghost Madness
Me, Shannon, Grace
Our challenge is to make a loving and fun Best Friend during the winter season. And Make A Powerful and easy step by step how to make it (Become An Expert) and not have to start over
Foam For The Body Base, $2
Fun And Colorful Fuzz, $4
Glue To Glue Hair, All Ready Have
A Cuting Tool, All Ready Have
Eye So Our Friend Can See, $1
Pins, $1
And A Marker All Ready Have,
Shannon iPhone,
And Graces iPad
Main Steps:
Ian- Film/Photographer
Grace- Voice Over
Shannon- Making The Monster
Our Steps
  • Place the fun fur face down on the table. Start at one edge and roll the cone up in the fur, marking the bottom curve with a marker.
  • Unravel the cone and mark the top curve. Include about an extra 1 inch on the edge of the fur piece. This will be the flap you glue over on top when you glue on your cone.
  • Cut out the fur.
  • Apply glue all over the back of the fur and roll up the cone inside wrapping the flap over the top. This part will be the back of your ghost. Stick in some straight pins to hold in place. Allow to dry.
  • Blow a little bit on the face and glue on the eyes.
  • Shake upside down or use a hair dryer for an extra fluffy look.
We Are Planning On 2 To 3 Days
Or Page From The Easy Preschool Crafts
The hard part of this project is going to be able to get our Fluff Fluffy and be able count on our team mates.
We Plan On Making a How To Video Our Picture Step By Step And Post To The Wiki