ISQ1 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Planet Coaster (Planet Coaster Link)
    • My project is on a game called Planet Coaster. In the game, you create roller coasters and manage a theme park. You can have several parks at once. If you complete certain challenges, you unlock rides and types of roller coasters.
  • 3D Printing (
    • Our project is 3D printing video game characters, but we printed houses first because we just needed to test the 3D printer out, because this is our first time 3D printing. I am planning to print the Master Chief, the main character from the "Halo" Series. My partner plans to print Venom, from the "Spider-Man" series. We chose the topic of video game characters because we both really like video games. I think they will turn out okay, but not perfect, since it is our first time.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.
  • Video Game Reviews (BIG Reviews)
    • Our project is to make a website for game reviews of console, and PC games, and hopefully get a lot of subscribers.

Top Reflections:

  • "Today, my partner and I looked up tutorials of how to use Google SketchUp, the 3D printer software we are using. We did this so we will know how to design our 3D printed objects without any mistakes. We learned that it could take a while for the objects to print because 3D printers are not very fast at printing. Also, the objects might be hard to design, because we are printing video game characters. But I think we can handle it. I think we will be prepared to print next class."
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because it is very detailed, and it is written the best out of all of my reflections. The reflections are to show what you did the whole class and what you learned and your problems, and how you overcame/will overcome them. This reflection shows what we were going to use to 3D print (but we ended up using TinkerCAD), and how we had trouble designing our 3D printed objects.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this reflection here.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this reflection here.
  • "This week, we made 2 game reviews. We did Call of Duty: WWII, and Titanfall 2. For the best game of the month, we did Fortnite. We worked on our logo. We also looked for new games to do reviews on."
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because this was a very fun week for me. I liked creating the game reviews with Bennett, and it is a lot of fun creating the website.

Top Critiques:

  • "Maybe every time someone scores, the players can reset, but overall, it was really good."
    • I chose to highlight this critique because it is not rude, but helpful at the same time.

All Projects: