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  • Cooking Desserts
    • This project is one of the most challenging that I have done. I chose to highlight this project for a variety of reasons. I am not the best at cooking and I usually burn everything that I try to make so I didn't expect much success going into this project. This is a very practical thing to learn and a skill that I can use in everyday life. It was challenging making the first few desserts but after one or two I started to get a hag of things and use little tricks that made the process easier. This is something that I want to continue doing even after the project is over because cooking is such a useful skill.
  • Watercolors With Grace
    • I chose to highlight this project for a variety of reasons. I learned a lot from this project. I explored many, many new watercolor techniques from tutorials and just trying new things by myself. I think that I can use this new knowledge every time I paint. This experience also makes me more inspired to try other paint mediums and new types of paintings. I really liked this medium but I wouldn't mind exploring more. At certain points, I kind of failed and wasn't able to do a technique or I spilled something. There were low points just as there were high points. I still want to learn more techniques outside of Thinkering and continue learning.
  • Learning French
    • I chose to highlight this project for many reasons. I felt that this is the most useful project that I have done because it's the one that I can use most practically. I learned a lot of grammar tricks and ways to cheat learning a language. I feel like this experience of trying to learn French will give me a push to try learning even more languages. At times, I was bored by the project. I felt as if I would never learn it fluently. I am not fluent yet but I do want to continue. I also still want to figure out how I am going to practice speaking with other people. I researched more on italics but I am still holding off on starting to use it. To be honest, I am a little bit intimidated by the site and the thought of actually using my French is a little scary. Hopefully, if I continue my project I will be confident enough to do it.
  • Project 1 Storehouse project (see below)
    • I choose this project because I believed that it would benefit me in multiple ways. I would have a greater knowledge on fabric paint and will be able to work with it well in other situations.I also would have a stylish pair of shoes! At first, I was not very confident with the idea. I would have to buy many materials that I never worked with before. I highlighted this project because it taught me many things, from how to finish a big project to working with fabric paints.
  • Project 2 Emojicon Pinatas
    • I chose to highlight this project for many reasons. I have learned many things from this experience. At times, I wanted to give up, quit and forget about this wonderful project. But, Every time that bothering thought just showed up in my head I decided to push on. I learned how to push through the herd parts of this project and fix the boo boos. At times I was messing around with Coco and Skylar but in the end I completed it. And I am proud.

Top Reflections

  • "This week we worked really hard on our proposal. It was really challenging to pick a project that we both liked. We played around with ideas like sleep science and Ted talks. Grace and I have different interests so this was a real challenge. It was also hard to finish the proposal. We kinda planned our whole project as we went. This means that the project is subject to change. I like our project though. We also went out and got supplies to use at Michael's after school and that was really fun."
    • I chose this reflection because this was the time that I was switching projects. This is usually a very chaotic time because you have to finish up a project, while starting a new one. I usually have a lot of trouble doing both of those things at once, but this time I focused a lot and finished up my French project quickly so I could start painting and getting supplies with Grace. This was also the planning time for the watercolor project. Me and Grace had to work really hard to think of a plan and this step was really challenging. But, once we started our project, it was smooth sailing from there.
  • "I was thinking about switching my project to just teaching. My parents are ok with whatever I choose but I am currently really considering this option. My goals for that project would be to seriously impact the skill that a person has at whatever language I would choose to teach. I am deciding between Russian and English. Unfortunately, I don't completely understand the italki website so I still need to look at it. I also did get a little distracted this week, especially on Friday. I will really work on this and try to stay more on task next week. That will be my goal for next week."
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because it explores a variety of the problems that I had. I was going through a part of my project where I wasn't as excited about French as I was before. This made me distracted. I spent way too much time talking to people. Another problem was doubting my project. As you can see, I was considering switching my project to teaching. Once again, this is because I was losing interest. This reflections shows that there were lows and there were high of my project. I went through many challenges on some days, while some days were easy.
  • "Today I...
    Finished a whole shoe! I also started painting the
    second one. I also completed my storehouse site"
    • I choose this reflection because that was my most productive week. I finished my first shoe and let it dry. I learned the most from this week.I hit a problem though. The white paint wasn't showing up as well as I would have liked. I had to use a large amount of white for it to show up. Luckily, the paint dried and the white showed through the blue and purple.
  • "We ran into a problem when we did not have cardboard. We had to use Mr.Whitmer's cardboard and asked him to cut it for us."
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because it portrayed a problem. It also showed a resolution. During this it shows many other things just in 2 sentences. It shows how we used the resources around us.


  • "I think that you are really improving your painting skills. Your paintings are becoming more detailed and realistic. I think that you should focus a little more on documenting your work. Overall I think you are doing very good and your improvement is clearly shown in your paintings."
    • I chose this critique bacuse her project was very well done but i thought she needed to work on how she documented her work because that is a crucial part of a project and i thought she could consider more ways to document it.
  • "I think it's really cool that your learning this skill because it could help you out in the future. I think you have a good plan and a good way of documenting your progress which is important because thats how you know that you are improving."
    • I chose this critique because this person did a really good job on their presentation and i really liked their project in general because it was well planned out and I could tell that he spant a lot of time and effort on this so I ws really impressed, he also took my previous critiques into mind.
  • "I think that that this a really nice paragraph about computers but you should consider other forms of documentation as well such as blogging or videos. As a person who does not know pretty much anything about how computers are made, I was a little confused."
    • I chose this critique because I was very polite when I wrote it and I really thought about what I was saying because I didn't want to lead the person in the wrong direction. I gave my honest opinion as well and I think it is a good critique.
  • "You need to explain your documenttion more because it is crucial in presenting."
    • I chose this critique because it will help the person get a better grade. During the presentation, they did ot explain how they showed their project. I know that documetation is important and this uis very helpful because they will lose points without it.

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