ILC1 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Comparison Slide
    • I made a google slide on IPhoto about how to use it and I showed before and after pictures. All of the pictures on there are from the internet, I just took them from it. I was planning on using my own pictures, but my email wasn't working. I explained what I did in IPhoto to make my pic look like that and how to use IPhoto, I mainly did pictures about nature and animals, though because that is what I am interested in. I also explained about how photography is used for advertising.
  • Photo Editing Slide
    • I am making a slide about editing sites you can use and how to use them. I am showing some examples, adding links, etc. I talked about how you can buy photoshop and make very cool pictures and how it is for advanced editors. I showed before and after examples of photos using 2 websites. I also wrote out about photoshop and how much it costs. I didn't write out how to use it because it is very advanced and it is very hard to learn it on your own. I also wrote about how to edit on your phone and different editing things. I explained how the crop option is like zooming in.
  • iPhone Photography ILC1
    • What I am doing now in photography is mainly indoors because it is cold outside. I have been taking pictures of items to make them look like advertisement and very cool. For example, I took a picture up close of a grape juice bottle that made it look like a advertisement. The angle I took it at made it look bold, too so that could make people want to buy it more, like advertisements. I think this is cool because companies would pay photographers a lot of money to take pictures to make there product look good. I have also been taking pictures of patterns on chairs and other stuff like that for a very cool effect. One of the pictures I took almost looks misty because of this.
  • iPhone Photography ILC1
    • I chose this project because I am interested in taking better pictures and making it look nice and I want to be a photographer when I grow up. I also chose this project because I have always been interested in pictures of nature because I seen pictures by expert photographers and I want to take pictures like that. On my computer every day there are new pictures and they show very good pictures from very good angles. My favorite type of picture is a close up of something and a blurry background.

Top Reflections:

  • I/We think... A close up of a line picture looks the best. It is hard to do this with a iPhone camera because when you get to close it gets blurry and out of focus. For example, a flower would look very nice up close, but a phone gets blurry when you go to close. A way to solve this is to take the picture then crop out around it. It is like zooming in, but it will still be a bit blurry. You can also get lenses that solve this problem that can be 5-10 dollars.
    • I like this reflection because I have always been interested in taking pictures up close because you can get very good detail that is nice to look at and can make device wallpapers. They are also very uninteresting to look at. For example, a normal picture of a flower wouldn't be that interesting, but if you go up close then it will look cool because you can see the details. I want to get a lense because these are my favorite types of pictures. I also like close ups that have a blurry background because it is really interesting.
  • I/We think... I think that different people like different kinds of pictures and if you are going to be a photographer you should take the kind of pictures you like. I think this because most of the time the thing you like you are better at. This is true for me because I like pictures that are a close up of something and have a blurry background and I am very good at taking them.
    • I like this reflection because people want to do what they like in their future. If they became good at their favorite type of photography, then they would be happy, because they could make money and do what they like at the same time. For example. when I grow up, it would be very cool for me to do close up photography with the blurry background, I would love that as a career. You have to do something you really like though, because photography is hard to make a business of. If you really like it and get very good at it, then you could make money.

Top Critiques:

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