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  • Project 3

  • Digital Painting/Drawing
    • I chose to highlight this project because it's a personal build on a set of skills that I'm trying to improve. Art is harder than most think, and some are naturally good at it, being able to catch onto things easily. I'm not usually able to grasp most concepts without working towards it, so this class is a time for me to work on my personal skills and what I wish to understand. The actual part in the digital painting hasn't started yet because I'm still getting a style and learning the basic concept of lighting and shading. The fourth quarter will be where I actually begin working on the final part of this project. ( http://thinkeringstudio.wikis.birmingham.k12.mi.us/Digital+Painting+and+Drawing+Project+IGH2 )
  • Novel:
    • I chose to highlight this project because ever since 4th grade, I've wanted to successfully write a book. It's been a small dream of mine that I've wanted to carry out over the years, and this year I finally get the chance to do so. I've had many ideas, starting out with something silly due to my age, and maturing as I got older and, and I've finally settled on something that I like and is interesting. Literature has always been a massive part of my childhood and still is today, and my understanding has also grown for it as much as my love for reading and writing. This book might finally be a chance for me to do the one thing that I've wanted to do for years. ( http://thinkeringstudio.wikis.birmingham.k12.mi.us/Horror+Novel+Project+IGH2 )
    • I chose to highlight this project because drawing is always something that has appealed to me for years, and it's finally a skill I've gotten the hang of. The project I am currently working on helps with my ability to master both drawing and digital coloring. This quarter I specifically narrowed in on the drawing section, seeing as once I have a style I am more comfortable and satisfied with, I'll be able to begin working on the bigger things. There are a few things involving my drawings that haven't quite been addressed in this quarter, so that might lead into the next quarter for a short time before I begin on the digital part. (http://thinkeringstudio.wikis.birmingham.k12.mi.us/Digital+Painting+and+Drawing+Project+IGH2)
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Top Reflections:

  • "Writing in itself is a thing many people enjoy doing, but other do not since it presents a challenge. During my research today I found a website that goes over all kinds of things horror story writers have to do, and I'm both impressed and shocked with how much I learned from just that website. I've always found writing relatively easy but I realize that this is going to be a massive challenge."
    • "I chose to highlight this reflection here because I think this one connects most to me and my project. Writing is something that has always been very valuable to me and it comes to me naturally. I do know how much difficulty it is for other people to write well and enjoy it while doing it. While I was reading over this article though, it opened my eyes to something that I found hard in something I love. I learned a small but valuable lesson for later, and hopefully this will help me progress my book in a better way than beforehand."
    • "Anatomy still remains difficult to learn, but this week I'm starting to get the hang of it. Anatomy is something that is both very basic yet very challenging.I've learned to very carefully observe the picture I'm referencing, since it can make a world of differences, but it's definitely difficult to recreate the picture with my own hand. That is something that is going to take much work and much dedication. Next week I'll continue my research on this topic and continue to learn more." I chose this one because I think it best describes the struggles that I've been going through with my learning process. As it states here, I'm working on anatomy and it is indeed difficult, but I'm working on it and starting to get the hang of it. I'm clearly working towards with my goal even though it presents problems that test my ability. It also shows how I'm planning on working forward for a better result in my work. I'm learning things that are definitely complicated but I'm working towards mastering and getting the hang of them.
  • "I'm running into difficulties with style choices. I can't decide if I would rather go with a cartoon style, or a realistic style. Both appeal to me greatly and look good. The cartoon style is more fun to draw and can be as goofy as I want. The realistic style is harder but people like to look at those drawings more, therefore, I have a dilemma." This reflection shows best how I've been struggling with my drawings over the past quarter. I've been working to fix my drawing style all throughout the second and third quarter, and I feel that this quote talks about that very well. It emphasizes the trouble I've been having but the ways I'm trying to overcome it. I have hit roadblocks and had breakthroughs all throughout the past two quarters but I think the fourth quarter will work out better for me than these other quarters. I might actually be satisfied with the style I have and I may possibly begin the next phase of this project, which will involve digital art.
    Top Critiques:**
  • "I think it would be a good idea to record you guys tasting your food" I chose this one because in my mind this is the one that gives the best potential for a possible improvement/change. From I what I saw in the videos, all I could see was the cooking and the process of making the food. That's why I thought that maybe if they showed themselves dining on their creations, it would add a nice touch to it. The idea may not be followed through with, but I believe that it's somewhat good advice. If they do go through with it, it'll seem a bit more professional, if they don't, then that's perfectly fine.
  • "Is there a variety of games you talk about or all they all very similar?" This one I felt was one of the best I did because it was a very open question. Most of the videos that have really been made are videos about Overwatch. This could open potential doors for other videos and more diversity in forms of entertainment on the channel. If there were more games, it would catch people's eyes and bring more success to the channel. There still might be just videos about Overwatch, but there's the potential possibility of different games being discussed.

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