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  • Project 1 Scratch Cards
    • I choose this project because we were atcually succeful and finished it.It was hard at times but we stull were able to finish it. I think it was hard at times because i didnt get how to program at first. I was confused on what control thing did what and how to get it to start. I think it became easyer as i learned about it. I t helped me because i had to program in one of my actual classes.

  • Project 2 Drawings...
    • I picked thins project because i thought it would be easy to do and i would be able to be succecful at it. I had to do the project for 4 weeks and i olny planned on doing it for a coiple days. I hated it a lot because itgo really boring and annoying. I think i got use to it during the 2 week but i dont think i learned a lot from it but how to draw a flower and thats what art class if for.

  • Project 3 Ibt1 Gamestar
    • I choose this project because i thought it would be fun. I think that it was hard at first because it took me a long timeget through the quest.After it became easyer because all i had to do was make the game. It was hard to do that because i had no ideas for a game. In the end i was succeful because i had some help from olivia.

Top Reflections:

  • We finished all of them. they were kind of easy and a little challenging.Once we go the hang of it we got them done pretty fast and it helped me because we are using srcatch in my engage class.
    • I choose this one because it shows what happened during the time we were making the cards and what it helped us with

  • The first day i found a new link to draw the flowers. It took me a longer time to finish because i did more then one drawing. Also I didnt have my phone so i used a actual camera then i had to connect to the computer. Today i also drew more then 1 drawing so i got better at it. I think next class is my last day so i canm be finished drawin. I ve gotten better at drawing flowers from this project i think. I learned that drawing flowers isnt as easy as it looks and you have to put a lot of effort in to it.
    • I choose this reflection because i put a lot of effort into it.I also choose it because i explained a lot about whats happening.

  • I made a game today .In the beging it was hard because i didnt want it to be to hard but i didnt want it to be to easy. After i figured that out i had katie and johannah play it to see if it was any good and thery could get through it.
    • I choose this project because it wasnt easy but i still got the project done.

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