HGW1 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Paper Airpalnes
    • I chose this project because I had never made a paper airplane in my life. I wanted to see what they would do. I found out that there are a lot of different kind of paper airplanes and how they fly.
  • Gamestar Games
    • These gamestar games were fun becuase they had a lot of different ways to do it. You could make a level with maybe 5 different ways to win. Thats what kind of games i like. Complictaing games.

Top Reflections:

  • "I got two videos uploaded because of installing the flip software"
    • I like this reflection because i got a lot done on that day and i remember i was really happy.
  • I finished my project by uploading my last video. This project was fun becuase i could go outside to video. There was one problem the project took a long time.
    • I like this reflection because i finished my project and i got to move on to a new project (gamestar)
  • "I think I got a lot done today because i got 3 levels made and I got far. I need to finish this set of games sort of soon."
    • I like this reflection because I gave a lot of detail and I used a good reflection from the reflection rubric.

All Projects: