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  • Scartch Portfolio HRM3
    • I think this project is pretty cool. I had to look at a book called "Super Scratch" to learn what to do. I took stuff from the book and was able to make my own projects. I thought it was easier to do the project after using the book. I think Mr. Whitmer gave me this project because he thought it might be good for me to do a project by myself and maybe he thought I would enjoy doing Scratch.
  • paper air plane hrm3 gsb2
    • this project was really fun. me and graham made some cool paper air planes. we flow them in the hallway some went pretty far. the others they flow backwards some went in a loop. the bad ones had the coolest designs though. we looked up designs on youtube and made are designs like that but different. like i said i think the project is really fun and i really enjoyed doing it.
  • minecraft veruct roller coaster proposal
    • making this roller coaster was really fun. first thing we did on this project is start to think of designs. there was a lot of cool new stuff in the 1.9 update like end rods so that gave me the idea for the roller coaster. the first idea we had was a cave i was pretty minecarft designer so i put in leafs for vines and cobwebs for decoration. second thing we did is at the end of the roller coaster you come up form the water. the third design was the enchanted forest an idea i had with the end rods. after that we started to make a haunted house but we forgot the password witch really sucked. i really enjoyed doing this project.
  • Lego Drone Hrm3 Gsb2 Ndb1
    • this project was SUPER fun. first thing we did was research the drone and look how the parts work. then we got the kit and started to work on i wasn't there when we started to build the drone but i did see get rebuilt because it crashed... a lot. it takes about 5 minuets to build when it was done being built we flow it in the hallway like the paper air planes. like i said crashed a lot like into chair legs when it did crash wires got tangled and other stuff. for the first time it finally flow at the make share fair i was very happy. over all this project was my favorite because legos are fun to plat around with and making a drone out of them was really fun.

Top Reflections:

  • what was fun? what did we enjoy?
we made the enchanted forest there was only 1 enchanted tree we didn't have time to make another.
we got half the cave done.
were starting a new idea.

    • `because this is when we got stared i wasn't a really fast builder on PC minecraft but when i stared playing i got faster and i had some really cool ideas like the trap door and the cave it was really fun. we had to make the look more cave like so we added a lot of decorations.

  • when we were done building the drone again because i think you know why. it was the make share fair today so me and graham were very happy. the first time we flew the it broke of course second time broke. a bit more trys and it went up in the air it was amazing i thought the drone would never fly but it did! a bit more it still broke.


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