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2014 - 2015

  • Project 1 Hannah's Fizzy Bath Bomb Project

    • I have finished my Fizzy Bath Bomb Project and am pretty happy with the final product. I really liked making all of my bath bombs different smells and colors. My favorite scent was the vanilla. When they dried the "frosting" turned brown and I have no idea why. The cupcake did not turn a different color just the frosting. They are also not as fizzy as I would have liked, but I am pretty sure I know why. The critic acid I used didn't say citric acid but my mom said it was. When I added the citric acid to the vinegar it fizzed a lot so I am not sure why my bath bombs didn't fizz that much. I had a TON of fun creating this wonderful project.
  • Project 2 Cupcake Creations

    • I am still working on my Cupcake Creations project with Amelia and am enjoying it very much. We have made 2 cakes so far. The first one we tried was angel food cake which we failed. We made a half recipe and I think we measured wrong. We definitely added to much egg because the cake tasted like egg. It was REALLY heavy too. We baked the cake in the toaster oven which I think was part of the problem. That cake was kind of our test cake to see if the toaster oven worked. We are going to bake our cakes at home in the oven and make a video now. The second thing we made was Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes. They were no bake so that is why we made them. They were so delicious. I was definitely way more impressed with the Cheesecake than the Angel- Food cake. I am so exited to make more cupcakes.
  • Project 3 Cupcake Creations

    • I am still working on my Cupcake Creations with Amelia and we have made a lot more progress. We have made Chocolate Banana Mug Cake, Brownie Mug Cake, Carrot Mug Cake, and Strawberry Lemon Mug Cake. They have all been pretty good. My favorite was the Brownie Mug Cake because it was really tasty and tasted like an actual brownie that was baked in the oven. Our other cakes were not very sweet like a cake should be. We have been making mug cakes because we do not have an oven available at school so we have been using mug cakes in the microwave. We are planning to get together at one of our houses a few times to make some actual cupcakes in the oven. Hopefully these cupcakes will be a little more sweet.
  • Project 4 To Do or Not to DO DIY's Page

    • I am working on this project with Amelia and Mia and we have made lots of projects. We have all done different projects with the same theme. We made Mothers Day DIY gifts. I made a Sharpie Mug and Coasters, Amelia made a Jewelry Holder and Mia made a Makeup Box. Next we made DIY School Supplies. I made Washi Tape Pencils with Amelia and Mia made Binders. We also made a Charger Box, and Mood Poster. They have all turned out pretty well, but in my opinion the coasters, pencils, and jewelry holder turned out the best. The sharpie mug would have been better if I had a stencil or template. The coasters were super cool but I did some with quotes and some with scrapbook paper, but I wish I did them all with scrapbook paper. We made a LOT of washi tape pencils for ourselves and other people in the class. We don't have any more time this year to try any of our projects again, but we might try some again this summer.
  • Project 5 DIY Clothes

    • Grace and I are up cycling old clothes for our project. We have made 1 shirt which is a sweater with jewels along the neckline. We called it the DIY Jewel Neckline Sweater. We took and old sweater from my closet that I was going to either throw away or donate, and hot glued jewels along the neckline, so it kind of looks like a necklace. We made a step by step directions on our page with pictures so other people can learn how to make it too. We also modeled the shirt and took lots of pictures outside that look like they were taken by a professional photographer. Mr. Whitmer said we could not get a Pinterest until one of us was 13. Next week I turn 13 so we are going to get a Pinterest then. We also started another shirt with fabric paint. We did not get to finish them quite yet. We are doing 2 separate shirts this time. I am doing one with a stencil. The stencil is a tribal print triangle that says " Stay Wild". I am painting it in white on a grey shirt. Grace is doing another shirt that is freehanded. She took an old long sleeve white shirt, and cut off the sleeves so now to is short sleeve. She drew a compass in the corner of the shirt . She is going to take her shirt home and sew the sleeves so they look more professional.
  • Project 6 Pinterest Testing: Fail it or Nail it

    • Grace and I have started a new project. We are trying out pins on Pinterest and seeing if they really work the way they say they are supposed to. We have tried 3 projects so far. The first one we tried was Flubber Soap and that was just a test to see how we wanted to do our project. We tried that camera in different angles and tried different places to film and ways of editing the video. The second one we tried was Chocolate Bowls. We melted chocolate in the microwave, and spread it on the balloons. Then we let the chocolate harden and popped the balloons to create chocolate bowls. We recorded and edited the video and it looks really cool. The third pin we tried was Marble Dishes. We put nail polish on top of water in a marble effect and dipped the dishes into the water. They looked really cool.
  • Project 7 Pinterest Testing: Fail it or Nail it

    Grace and I are still doing the same project. We are trying out pins on Pinterest and see if they really work the way they are supposed to. The first thing we made is flubber soap. We used this video as a tester to see how we wold make the rest of our videos. Next we made Chocolate Bowls. We took a balloon and covered it in chocolate and when the chocolate hardened we popped the balloon. These worked really well. Next we made Water Marble Dishes. These also worked really well. We dropped nail polish on top of water and then we dipped a bowl and a cup into the mixture and it looked really cool. Next we made Fruit Roll Up Fortune Cookies. These were one of my favorites. We cut a fruit roll up into a circle and folded it into a fortune cookie shape. These worked really well and they were so cute!!! Next we made Sugar Lip Scrub. We took cocoanut oil and sugar and mixed them together. It worked really well. The last thing we made was Slime. We did not read the directions very carefully and screwed this up. We were supposed to add water to the borax but we added it to the glue on accident and messed it up.
  • Project 8 Pinterest Testing: Fail it or Nail it

    Grace and I are still doing the same project. We are trying out pins from Pinterest and see if they really work. Sometimes the pins just don't work, but sometimes it is our fault. We have made Chocolate Bowls, Water Marble Dishes, Fruit Roll Up Fortune Cookies,

    • Grace and I are still doing the same project. We are trying out pins from Pinterest and see of they really work. Sometimes the pins don't work, but sometimes it's our fault. We have made Chocolate Bowls, Water Marble Dishes, Fruit Roll Up Fortune Cookies, Sugar Lip Scrub. and Slime. All of these pins have worked except the slime. The slime was our fault. We did not read the directions carefully enough, and forgot to mix the borax with the water. It turned out looking like a brain or some other organ. We have also done the Conjoined Twins Challenge, where we both got into a shirt and tried to do everyday things. We also did the More Likely To Challenge, where we said a bunch of instances, and Claire and Zoe would say who is more likely to do it. It was really fun. At the end of last quarter, we decided this quarter we wanted to do silent movies. We tried to film one but it was really boring to watch and to film. We decided to switch our project back to Pinterest and that is why we haven't tried very much this quarter. Today we are re- trying Slime, and this time we are going to try Liquid Starch instead of Borax.
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2014 - 2015
  • Project 1 Hannah's Fizzy Bath Bomb Project

    • "I was effective/ineffective because I did not get distracted by other peoples projects". My bath bombs smell exactly like vanilla cupcakes. My bath bombs look exactly like cupcakes. I can not wait to see what they look like when they are dry and test them out. I had so much fun creating my "cupcakes". They smell EXACTLY like vanilla cupcakes which I did not think they would. They are the same color as cupcakes because the vanilla extract was brown and added a little color to my bath bombs to make them look exactly like cupcakes. I think that the day I did this reflection I was the most productive. All the days before I was looking for the perfect recipe, deciding what shape to make the bath bombs, writing my proposal, and buying the ingredients. That day was the day I made my bath bombs and they looked so pretty. I have to say I probably had the most fun that day.
  • Project 2 Cupcake Creations

    • We want to know if we can make the cupcakes in the toaster oven. Because we want to make the cupcakes here but we do not have and oven so we want to cook them in the toaster oven but do not know if they will work. We are both very busy so we want to do as much baking as we can at school. We learned that you can not make angel food cake in the toaster oven. We do not want to waste any more ingredients so we are not going to try to make a cake in the toaster oven again.. Instead we are going to try no bake, microwave, and using the oven at home. This day we were really hopeful that our cake was going to work. But the next day when we tried it, it did not work out. The cake was really rubbery and disgusting.
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  • Project 3 Cupcake Creations

    • "We want to know if we can make the cupcakes in the toaster oven. Because we want to make the cupcakes here but we do not have and oven so we want to cook them in the toaster oven but do not know if they will work. We really wanted the toaster oven to work so we could do our cooking at school but I do not think the toaster oven is the right tool for cooking. We wasted a lot of ingredients. We are both very busy so we don't really have time to get together to bake so we really wanted it to work. Unfortunately the cake was very heavy and rubbery. The toaster oven is definitely not the right tool to cook a cake in.

  • Project 4 To Do or Not to DO DIY's Page

    • "We learned that hot glue dries really really fast and we had to take it off MANY times because it got really hard." This was our first DIY project test just to see what would happen and decide how things would work. I made Hair Bows. I used hot glue to make them and learned that it dries really fast. I had to keep peeling off the glue and starting over because it dried before I put the pieces together. Next time I will be a lot more prepared and have quicker hands. I will use hot glue next time because it doesn't take forever to dry and stays on really well once it does dry.
  • Project 5 DIY Clothes

    • "I learned that just like regular paint you can mix fabric paint to make new pretty colors. You also need to put a piece of cardboard in the shirt so the top does not stick to the back. Also that you need to put a very thin layer of paint on the shirt so it doesn't add a bunch of extra weight, and you have to wait about 48 hours before you wash the shirt." This particular day we were testing out fabric paint. We took some old T- Shirts and fabric and tested out the paint. We tried different colors of fabric and paint to see which colors of paint would show up on which colors of fabric. We tried just regular painting, using masking tape for clean lines, and stencils. We mixed colors too to make even more fun paints.

Project 6 Pinterest Testing: Fail it or Nail it

  • One example of success is that our marble bowls turned out really well. They look so good but it took a lot of patience.
    • I learned that you need to be very patient when you are making water marble, because you will mess up and need to try again.
    • I was thinking water marble would be really hard, but it was actually pretty easy.
    • I learned that learning can be really fun. You just need to find something you are interested in and try it. If what you are doing does not come out the way that you want it, just try again. On this day, we were making marble bowls. We took nail polish and dripped it on top of hot water. Then we dipped the bowls in the water, and they looked so cool. It was really fun to learn how to water marble.

Project 7 Pinterest Testing: Fail it or Nail it

  • One example of success is that our chocolate bowls turned out really good and we gave them a 10/10. It was super easy, all you had to do was melt the chocolate, blow up your balloons, and cover them with the melted chocolate, then you just let them cool down.
    • I felt really happy when our chocolate bowls worked out. They turned out so close to perfect, just the edges were a little uneven
    • I learned that chocolate bowls are really easy to make. It was a really good first video and I am really proud of it.
    • I learned that learning is an opportunity for success. If you fail the first time just try again. Failing actually makes you better at what you are doing. If you didn't fail you wouldn't learn from your mistakes and get better.

Project 8

  • One example of success is that our stress balls turned out really well. They are really fun to make and really fun to play with afterward. But we are going to start a new project kind of. We are thinking of doing silent movies but also continue doing fail it or nail it. We will probably do every other video, with some challenges mixed in.
    • I learned that making stress balls is very easy. You just need a balloon and you can fill it with anything you can imagine. We filled ours with Play Dough, slime, Liquid Starch, and water. They were really fun and easy to make.
    • I was thinking that getting the substances inside the stress balls would be really hard, but it was really easy. We got a water bottle from the recycle bin, and cut off most of the bottom and created a funnel.
    • I learned that learning can create new ideas. If you mess up on something you can try it a different way and you could come up with a new invention Thats actually how a lot of the foods were created. Chocolate chip cookies, potato chips, and ice cream cones were all made on accident. The creators were following a recipe that wasn't working out, so they improvised, and something new and delicious was created.

Top Critiques
  • "For your winter DIYs are you going to do winter or christmas or hanukah or all of them?"
    • I need some practice on my pier critiques but this was my best one. Kaitlyn and her group are doing seasonal DIY's. I was wondering, for their winter ones, if they were doing winter themed ones like; paper snowflakes, fake snow, etc. things like that. Or if they were going to to Christmas decorations like; Christmas trees, gingerbread cookies made with glue so they don't spoil, wreathes, santa hats, etc. Or if they were going to do Hanukah decorations like a menorah or things like that.
  • "Are you doing just iPad games, or just computer games, or both"
    • I still need some practice with my pier critiques. Alec was making a YouTube channel about him video games. I asked him if he was just playing computer games, or if he was doing iPad games too. I think it would be really fun to make tutorials on how to play games. There are so many games that Alec could play on the computer and iPad. He could also compare a game on the computer to that same game on the iPad and see which one works better.
  • "Are you going to do any other sports?"
    • I have not done very many pier critiques this quarter, I don't really know why. I really need to work on critiques. Rocco was playing games about basketball and I was wondering if he was going to do any other sports, like golf, baseball, soccer, gymnastics, running, dance?
  • I really love your project. That was one of my ideas for my project. Your videos are really good quality and easy to understand. How did you edit your videos? Which camera did you use? How did you create your channel page art?
    • Kaitlyn is doing hair styles for her project. Her videos are really good quality. They are in really good focus, and they look professionally made. They break down the steps on the braiding and they are really east to follow and understand. This wasn't my original Pier Critique that I wrote for Kaitlyn. I wrote another one, but it was not there when I went to her journal, so I had to write a new one.
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