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Top Projects:

  • Pencil
    • I picked this project because I wanted to start animating. Maybe I could do small scenes and put them on YouTube, or maybe even my own video series. Although I had a lot of trouble with the program, it taught me quite a lot of things about myself. For example, when I get interested and "into" something, I really work hard on it, no matter how hard it is. This one was fun, but didn't teach me much that I didn't know already.
  • Kodu Game Lab
    • I picked this project because since I play so many video games so often, maybe I could make my own and it might be even more fun! But Kodu ended up being pretty limited, and I couldn't do quite what I wanted to. But it taught me perserverance, because even though it was hard, I was motivated to keep going.
  • Blender
    • I picked this project because since I didn't do quite well with Pencil, maybe 3D animation would be a bit more easy to learn. I was wrong. Instead of being one of those programs I learn about by doing, I had to read online manuals about it to make a simple house. But, instead of the mediocre satisfaction I was getting from Pencil and Kodu, Blender gives me a true motivation; to learn everything I can about it and make successful animations.

Top Reflections:

  • "Today, I worked on smaller details, like adding a chess board inside the house. I learned that Kodu is not as easy and simple as it looks, and is actually a very advanced program. I'm sticking with using it, though!"
    • I picked this reflection because it shows that all the programs I use can be used for simple purposes, but also are very hard to master. I find it interesting.
  • "Blender is not a "learn by doing" kind of program. It needs to be researched and read about, which I will do over the weekend. I learned that when something is fun (like a certain video game) it's hard for me to stop doing it, but when I'm bored with something I have to do, I'm very easily distracted."
    • I picked this reflection because it shows that when I find something fun or interesting, I really try to learn it well, because I want to use it, but when I'm bored, it's hard for me to stay focused.
  • Every other reflection.
    • I chose every reflection because if you look at them all from the start, it shows that when forced (motivated?) to, I learn more than I do naturally because I have no choice. And after a while, I start to get motivated even more, so I learn more each day.

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