Gch2 Portfolio

GCH2 Portfolio

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  • can you escape tips and tricks
    • this project was tides to make and the pics were hard to put on the page. the table of contents was a back breaker and had to edit it in to get it to work. and the words were the lest of my problems and spacing was a hassle with the pics.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.
  • can you escape tips and tricks

    • the fourth leave is done and now five is just starting by the end of the year i should have nine to ten done which i think we be awesome as long as flicker works and i can make the pics go in the right place and most hard levels have to be more expand. type two: What you were thinking.

Top Reflections:

  • "I think...

    that at the speed we are moving level three and four will be done by next week. if nothing goes wrong or bad. and the pics work with me for my page. this page is hard to mange with all the pics that need in the page.."
    • i chose this reflection because it was the most truthful and right about this reflection and it enplanes the project more then the rest and it has what i am doing lately.
  • "
This week we had a breakthrough when ...

  • we built the rest of the prison it took soooo long. it has high detail and is well made and stuff i also experienced the time it took to make this prison. type 1: What you made type 2: What you felt/experienced
    • i chose this reflection because it told what i did that and and how i felt about it. it also showed what i was feeling and how hard i worked and detail i put into it.
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Top Critiques:

  • "I think you might want to add how much you added to make it but the food looks great and has multiple dishes.."
    • i think this is my best critique because it has a idea and a upper and i think that is crustal in a critique.
  • "I like that you have some other things that are in one mod. And the fact that you did many mods are cool. I might get those mods."
    • i think this is a good critique because it tells them i like the thing they did pulse i might get those mods and there are cool and i did not know of them before so i got a cool thing to.

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