Thinkering Studio Project Proposal

Garrys Mod
What is Garrys Mod? How does it work? What are the diffrent games and modes of it?
I expect to learn about Garrys Mod and the basics of it
I have never played this game in my life and i have no idea how it works so it will be hard playing it.
I will need a steam account which I already have. I will also have to buy Garrys Mod which cots 10 dollars
Main Steps:
1-Purchase Garrys Mod
2-Look at youtube videos to see how to play the game
3-Test out the game for myself and see how i do
4-take evidence of progress
I will try to take videos but I dont know if my personal computer can handle recording and playing a game at the same time.
The rest of the year
I can watch youtubers do gameplays and learn from there and get inspiration. There are many examples of this on youtube but not any that I know of in thinkering studio. My teacher will be youtube and tutorials from channels. My learning will strech since im trying new games and learning new things.
Difficulties i will be learning how to play the games. i can face these difficulties by watching tutorials on how to play.
i will record my progress and take screenshots. my target audience is members of the wiki
our succes will be when I have learned how to play each game and have mastered each game.My succes should be evaluated by how much work i acomplished that day.