This is my Galaxy Goo project page!

1 bottle of Elmer's clear school glue (5 oz)
1/2-3/4 cup sta-flo liquid starch (everyone says to get it at walmart.)
Liquid watercolors (several drops Intel you get the desired color) colors I chose: purple, pink, and blue.
Fine glitter in a variety of colors
glitter colors: purple, blue, and pink

pictures of my goo: this one picture is the Sta-flo liquid starch I used:
allcolorsofgoointhemakingmrl3.JPG sta-flolquidstartchmlr3pic.JPG mygoomrl3.JPG goointhebagmrl3.JPG goointhebag2mrl3.JPG
gooalmostfinishedmrl3.JPG gooalmostfinished2mrl3.JPG gooalmostfinished2mrl3.JPG fimnishedgoomrl3.JPG colorfulgoomrl3.JPG
strechygoomrl3.JPG stckeygooagainmrl3.JPG stcikeygoomrl3.JPG stcikeygoo3mrl3.JPG stcikeygoo2mrl3.JPG


steps for Galaxy Goo
Galaxy goo page

galaxy goo YouTube videos
slime video