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Rube Goldberg Machine Project Below

Top Critiques
  • "what types of words have you learned and what do you plan to do with your knoledge, you should make a video of you saying some of those words"
    • That was on Nathan's Journal when he was talking about his project about learning russian. I think that was a good critique because I was giving him suggustions on what he could do to prove and share what he learned. I was also asking him what he plans to use his knowledge for.
  • "I think it is a good idea but how do you know when you complete the project? also what are some specific things you want to learn?"
    • that was on Olivia and Abbie's Soccer Proposalthey were not very specific on what they wanted to learn or when they would know when they completed the project. I thought that that was a good critique because I was asking them good questions and helping them improve their proposal.
  • "You've done this before, what will be different and challenging about this project? You should do some challenges in your survival world like: build a house underwater, explore every biome, build a house __ blocks underground, build a skyhouse etc."
    • That critique was on Peter's Minecraft Proposal I think that it was a good critique because I was giving him advice and suggustions based on prior experience. I also think that it was good because I was asking him what he was going to do differently this time than his other times doing minecraft projects.

Top Projects:

  • Youriding freeski II
    • I picked this project because it combined one of my hobbies (freeskiing) with school and gaming. It was great and cool to see the first great freeski game come out after lots of snowboarding games.
    • reflection: We plan to use skitch next class to screen shot what we like and dont like about certain maps and imput that data into our map
  • Backwards videos
    • I picked this project because it was very fun and we learned how to make it look realistic and not backwards even thogh it was.
  • Exploding fruit (at bottom of page)
    • I picked this project because it was very fun and we learned about how to use special effects like slow motion and backwards. also I did it with my friends.
  • minecraft
    • I picked this project because it allowed me to have fun while working with others. This is a fun project because you get to build whatever you want. It lets you be the game designer. It is also fun because you have to get food, build houses, and survive. this game is very fun and there is never an end to what you can do!
  • gtp1 game 1 it is below the cool math game reviews~
    • I picked this project because ... I had a lot of fun making it and getting the sprites for it
  • state farm parody
    • I picked this project because ... It was one of our funniest videos
  • our Paper Airplanes video
    • I picked this project because ... We had a lot of fun filming it and making the script and watching the views grow

Top Reflections:

  • || 10-8-12 || justin and i will find videos to parody || #2 || #2 || we will parody the video soy guapo in the future. we plan to make an engligh version. we got a little disrtected though but we still came up with our video ideas. ||
    • I chose this journal because we said what we did but we were honest that we got distracted.
  • || 3-6-13 || we will explode 9 clemintines and an apple || 4 || 3 || I learned never to trust jake with acid because he threw the clementine to close to me while i was filming so now my shirt is ruined and I am sticky. we then exploded the rest of them, next class we will spend the whole time editing that footage. ||
    • I chose this journal because it is kind of funny and it describes what we will be doing next class and what we did that class.

  • we want to switch projects because most of our projects wll be bad videos and hard to make so we want to do somthing that involves another one of our intrests like skateboarding or skiing.
    • I chose this journal entry because it really explained why we quit our other project and what we were going to do that day.
  • 1.make the game challenging but fun 2.Make cool sprites in the game 3.make an abstract array of colors, backrounds, and music 4. make it more than 1 level 5.have a time limit so it is more challenging

    • I picked this reflection because it shows... that i know what I am doing
  • today I reviewed 2 games:rotate and roll, and parking mania I will do two more next week
    • I picked this reflection because it shows ...that i get things done
  • Today we did the second part of our video parody. We filmed it, and made it look like we were teleporting. We will probably finish our project next wednesday. Parodies are very fun!

    • I picked this reflection because it shows ...we are innovating

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