GTK1 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Minecraft Bikini Bottom Project
    • I chose this project as my top project because this is the only project I have done so far. Another reason I chose this as my top project is because I was never good at Minecraft and I wanted to build something really good being a beginer at this game. This was the best thing I have ever built in minecraft and It took a lot of hard work and lots of time. I learned how to build and design sculptures on minecraft
  • Sears Tower Minecraft Build
    • I chose this as one of my top projects is because it turned out to be a very successful group and project. The tower turned out very nice, all of our time and effort was spent wisely. This is my best project and group so far. I learned about the dimensions of the sears tower and learned how to think like an architect.
  • Go Pro Snowboarding Project LD
    • I chose this project because I worked hard editing and had a . good time collecting footage at the ski resorts. I also had a nice group to work with and I am planning on doing more projects with them in the future. I leaned how to edit with the gopro softwear and use my gopro better.

Top Reflections:

  • "Today we finished the flying dutchman ship it took a lot of hard work and effort and alot of class peroids, it turned out awesome! Me and Ricky struggled to overcome how to make this ship look as real as we could and we finally did it!"
    • I picked this reflection to share because the flying dutchman was the best Minecraft building I have ever built. I work really hard on this ship, and tried to make it look like the TV show. I put alot of time into it. (longest time building this ship)
  • "Today I finished the elevator by myself while Ben was working on the floors and now we have to figure out why it isn't working. This will be a very big challenge to overcome because it took a long time just to build it."
    • I chose this reflection to share because we were doing 2 of the hardest things in the project at the same time and that was making the elevator and floors, we both completetd them and we overcame the problem.
  • "Today we were unsuccessful with uploading the video. We did some editing and planning and we are planning on uploading a new video."
    • I chose this reflection because we were working hard on trying to get the footage on to the mac and we were unsuccessful and we overcame this problem by editing it on the laptops.

Top Critiques:

  • "This project seemed to take you a while, (including loosing the money) maybe you should come up with a new project, or try and find a zipline kit. $400 is alot for a zipline, maybe try and make it out of stuff you already have."
    • I chose this as one of my top critiques because I thought for the best of this group and tried to give them advice to make their project easier on them.

All Projects:

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