GSG2 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Game Review
    • Tyler and I decided to do this project to practice our writing and critiquing skills. This project is good for learning these skills because we can write about things we are familiar with. We both started on the same game review. The game is called Fortnite Save the World. when we were about halfway done with the review, we both felt like Tyler was comfortable enough to finish the game review himself. That's when I started my Horizon Zero Dawn Game review. I only written and edited two paragraphs by the time the quarter was over though. Overall this project so far has been a great learning experience.
  • KSP
    • Ethan and I did this project because we have not done KSP before and wanted to see what its all about. When we got on to KSP we had the plan to get a rocket to every planet and fly a plane around the the world. After we made each of our own rockets we realized that we weren't going to be able to to do that. After that we decided we were going to do challenges that related to our skill level. Including flying a plane to a different island, or getting a rocket to orbit. Over all this was a fun project and I now know the basics of KSP.
  • 3D Printing
    • I chose to do this project because it is something I have no experience with and 3D printing is generally new. The uses for 3D printing keeps rising and rising, so there is no doubt I will need 3D printing skills in the future. So when is a better time to learn than now! Ethan and I are making two, complex boxes that requires a medium amount of skill to make them, but we did this project learn the entire proses form your idea, to in your hand. The challenge during this quarter was making the printer work. for most of the quarter the printer was broken and we didn't know why. After a few weeks of trial and error we found out what was wrong, the 3D printer just needed a simple software update. This has been one of my favorite projects because it will be the most useful in the future.
  • EVA Foam
    • Connor and I were continuing our EVA foam project. We had to make the helmet all over again because we made the wrong size of helmeted in the beginning. But this was also a great opportunity. since the first helmet we have gotten way better at cutting and gluing the foam. So our second helmet looks a lot better that our first helmet.
  • EVA Foam
    • I chose to do this project because I was doing something new. I was learning how to cut, combine, and paint EVA Foam. EVA Foam is thicker but more bendable foam than Styrofoam, making it perfect for making thing out of the stuff. I have always wanted to use EVA foam but never found the time for it, but now I did. Connor and I are making an EVA foam helmet from a video game that we both like, but we didn't know what we were walking into. EVA foam crafts is very difficult and time consuming when we have so little time in Tinkering Studio. We have decided to continue this project until the end of the year, if we didn't the helmet would not be able to be completed. So far this is a difficult but fun project, and were not giving up on it.
  • Jewelry for Charity (continued)
    • This is the end of the biggest project I have done so far. I Have designed jewelry and made it, but not as much as I hoped. I made my own kind of jewelry with a key chain and leather sting. I have made a few copies of it but that is really all I did. I planed on making lots of jewelry and selling it for charity money, but after I made my first few models, I new that wasn't a reasonable plan. so half way through the year (now) I decided to end my project and stat a new one. But if I learned anything from this project, Its to make a reasonable plan.
  • Jewelry for Charity
    • This is by far my biggest project I have done so far. I am designing and selling jewelry to make money to give to charity, My goal is $100. So far I have came up with the jewelry I am going to make and put a price on it. I am planning to start making the jewelry soon. This is definitely a fun project and I cant wait to go on to the next faze.
  • Air Cannon
    • I have continued with my air cannon project and have finished it. I have made small homemade smoke bombs with ping pong balls, tin foil, and a straw. I put it in the cannon and I knocked down a stack of cup wile video taping it. I had a lot of fun learning how to use power tools, look up thing that I need online, and just the whole proses of making the air cannon. Now that I am finished I will be moving on to my next project.
  • Air Cannon
    • This was the first project I have done by my self so far. I have made a working air cannon. You pull a small door knob on the back and let go and it firers air out of it. If you want to see the air you can put dry ice or smoke inside of it and it shoots out rings of the gas. I did this project because I wanted to learn how to use power tools and do a project by my self. It was challenging for me because I have been having some trouble taking a video and uploading it to my page.

  • LEGO NXT Drag Race Car
    • This was a very fun project and it was our first project . we built a functional drag race car that drives on it own. Jack and I built this car with 3 motors that make the car go very fast. it has the same structural design as a drag race car so people know that it is a drag race car. I think the hardest part was programming the car. we had to make all 3 motors work and have it start and stop. but in the end everything worked out! now I can use this knowledge for other Lego NXT projects.

Top Reflections:

  • One example of us managing our time well was ...
    This week I decided to start a new game review. I thought this would help us use our time in this class more effectively. Now Tyler can continue to work on his game review while I work on mine. We will have two game review done in the time it takes for both of us to make one. This is because we both cant work on the blogger at the same time.
    • I chose this as my top reflection for this quarter because it helped us make more progress on our project. Like I said in my reflection this made get the maximum amount of work done in the shortest time. Instead of both of up working on one game review at once, we both can work on different game review and ask each other for help when we need it. This decision helped us a lot. We got way further in our project than we expected when we first started it.
  • We learned...
    This week we got to know the basics of KSP. We figured out how to make a plane balanced and have the right kind of engines to make it fly. We also found out how to access the stability assist. By pressing the "T" key you can make you plane or rocket not tip over. The last thing we found out is how to be able to detach objects from our plane/rocket mid flight by just adding a divider. We tested all of our new knowledge during the final 15 minutes of class.
    • This is my top reflection for a few reasons. One is that I used my resources. My rockets kept tipping over and I didn't know how to stabilize them. So I asked Mikey Juliano how to make my rocket not tip over and he said press the "T" key before liftoff. Now comes in the Second reason, I learned a new thing. I didn't know how to do this before, but I can now use this new knowledge on all of my rockets and planes.
  • This week I/we had a breakthrough when ...
    This week we were very exited that we fixed the 3D printer. We figured out that all we needed to do was update the Makerbot software on the computer. We did not get to start printing this week because we had to test out the printer first by printing a simple cube.
    • I chose this reflection because this week we did the most important part of our 3D printing project. We fixed the printer! We were struggling on what do while the printer wasn't working. we already spent all the time we could perfecting our project. After that we made our project proposal for next quarter. So everything is just lots of time fillers. It was a great feeling though when we finally fixed the printer because we could actually start working.
  • This week we had a breakthrough when ...
    This week we got a decent amount of work done. Conner forgot the supplies on Wednesday, but we got a decent amount of work done on Thursday. we cut out four pieces, but accidentally threw one away an lost it.
    • I chose this reflection because it shows perseverance. We forgot the foam the first day and got nothing done, but the next day we got the most work done in a day than we ever had. We didn't get anything done the first day, but we immediately made up for it the second. This was by far the best week we had for those reasons, even though we didn't get two days of work done.
  • One example of self monitoring was...
    This week I did a lot. I finished my Jewelry project and I finished my project proposal for Minecraft with jack and Conner. I didn't get distracted once this week and I am very proud of myself. This has been one of my beast weeks this year!
    • I chose this reflection because this was one of my most productive weeks yet. I finished my whole entire "Jewelry for Charity" project. I als planed out a new project to start the next week with Conner and jack.
  • This week I took the proper time for the job when ...
    This week I learned from my mistakes. Because this week I took extra time making a office word page that would remember the name of and make sure that I would save it. also I took the proper time to make the price of my jewelry on my page when I sell them. and finally I made the price it will take to make the jewelry. with all this I should be making my jewelry soon.
    • I chose this reflection because that week I learned from my mistakes and I reflected on it. I messed up with saving my Jewelry List because I forgot the name. After that week I didn't just not make that mistake again, I brought away something to.
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This wasn't our best working day but we had lots of fun. the problem with this day is it was the beginning and we where missing lots of pieces. we looked almost the hole day but because of that we worked extra hard and very fast when we had all of the pieces. This day we got a decent amount of building this day, we finished the tail. so even we didn't get a lot done we still worked hard.

Top Critiques: