GSB2 Portfolio

Top Projects:

    • me and my partner wold gev advice on how to play games better. like how to ecape prisson ijn roblox and get ak47s and shot guns. we wold help prisoners ecape. also in mm 2 we tagt peaple how to survive batter be a better sharef or be a better killer. also fair trads on guns and knives for example i gave them eleat for splash not fair fore them.(>_<)
  • paper plane proposal hrm3 gsb2
    • we made an papper airplane that flew over 30 ft!. it was a simple disine but it flys rilly good. it is a tripple fold with one fold in the back. another good one is a dubble fold with fins in the back.
    • we made a fun and exiding drone out of legos. it is exiting becus when you fly it it ushly crashes! this is exiting becus it will tear itself apart when it crashes. also rebulding it is short and not that confusing . I had to rebuld it about 10 times during the maker fair. it is easy to rebuld it once you figur it out.
  • Project verukt mine craft roller coaster
    • pt 1 My fafrerat part are wen we had to mack a rilly confusing trap dore in mine craft. We also had challenges micking the roller coaster work. Next we took a lot of time to desecrate the cave. Finley we made an enchanted forest. But we got lockt out of the game;(.
    • pt2 Project verukt mine craft roller coaster.
    • it was are only project and it took a wile then we got lockt out
    • it was a ton of fun and was rely rely rely dekeratod

Top Reflection:

  • what went well today what got done
    • so today we got done the mane curcatry of the drone! we got the programing instald in the mane curcut bord. the programing got insald and it took awile. also we finishd bulding the drone and putting it together. we finly got it done flew it and it crashd.);
  • What was fun? What did I/we enjoy
    • we made a enchanted forest
      we started the other half of the cave
      $3 >_< (-_-)
  • I/We were effective/ineffective because
    we were playing a lot an not working as much. we did get the trap door done.also we got the start done ||
    • I chose this reflection cus we wernt building fast but we had a plan fore it.Also we had a good time playing with decorations by seating them up.Alao we got a vary confusing trap door dun and it tuck a class.

Top Critiques:

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