GMJ1 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • DIY Clothes
    • in my project we are taking out old clothes and changing them into a more fabulous design. the first shirt that we did, we took a old green sweater shits and we wanted to change it up. so we desided to add jewels on the top. we haded them all along the neck. right now i am working on a white shirt with a compose rose at the bottom. hannah is working on a shirt that she is making to go camping. we are using a exacto knifes for the first time and it is kid of hard to do. i really learned a lot from this project like, learning how to use a exact knife, how to make and cut out designs, and how to make a jeweled necklace on the sweater. we are looking up more ways to make more kinds of shirts and while we are making the shirts i hope to improve my shirt making skills.
    • fail it or nail it
    • in our fabulous project we are trying different pinterest pins. for example the first pin that we tyried flubber soap. flubber soap was a fil nail, we didn't really fail but we also didn't really nail it either. with the flubber soap we first made it but it was very sticky, but after a hour it got a little softer than play dough. hour next project was chocolate bowls. our chocolate bowls where a big success. we learned that you need to star putting the chocolate on the balloon right away or the chocolate will dry. also putting the chocolate on with a spoon worked a lot better than trying to put it in the bowl. the next pin we tryed was water marbling. water marbling is were you put nail polish in the center of a bowl that use a tooth pick to make a design in the middle then you put your nail or an object in the water to make the design. i used a glass mug, it hit the wall when it was in the bag so there was a big crack in it. i think our design turned out good.
    • fail it or nail it
    • our project is a big success, we have been working a lot better now that we have a project that we like. our clothes project was kind of not exiting us, but now that we have a new project every week it is motivating us to post to our youtube channel Mary Rose Fail It Or Nail It.we have made lots of pinterest diys and i think my favorite would be the fruit roll up fortune cookies because they where fun to eat, fun to eat and they where also cute. i think we need to improve on making the camera quality better and have more close ups on what we are doing.Hannah and i are also working on sound quality and also the music in the background. we think we want to redo our slim project because it was a big fail. the slim was just a big clump of jell. we also really want to try bath bombs for our next DIY.
    • fail it or nail it
    • when we first started this quarter thinking that we would star our silent movies, but instead we kept on doing the diy's. the first quarter we divided that we would be making new clothes each time. we started to get unmotivated and thinking of it as something we had to do not something we wanted to do. in the second quarter we where just figuring out youtube and what we where going to start doing with our diy's .third quarter we made Mary Rose our youtube channel. we have 4 subscribers and our most viewed video was our conjoined twin challenge with over 50 quarter four we have been very happy with our new youtube channel and what we have been doing. we have not yet found a better camera but used the mac for our last video conjoined twin challenge so that seemed to make the video more clear then the iPad did. this quarter we made the conjoined twin challenge and also a video with Zoe and Claire from ZTC Diy's. we did the Most Likely to... challenge we did it on there channel and also on ours but we have not posted it yet.

Top Reflections:

  • "We did not get as far as we planned because we where thinking of a project to do /painting the shirts. we painted the test shirt. we wanted to paint a normal shirt. we where working on the shirt but we meant to get two shirts painted but we only did one."
    • i chose to highlight this reflection because i remember the first shirt that we did and it took use like 5 classes to finish the shirt. now that we have not finished both shirts and we had enough time to finish both, i think that we should be more efficient with our time and we also need to set a goal for each day.a way we can be more efficient is to go a little further away from the other group because they distract us a lot, so we need to move and work some where else when we are doing really important work.

    • "today we made our video and edited it i observed that it is a lot harder than it seems. we worked well to gather and we ran into some trouble when we had to figure out how to do time laps and slow motion on the i pad"
    • i chose this reflection because this was when our group was having trouble making the iPad have time laps to record our video. we had to do alot of work to make the slow motion and time laps, we first had to record the video on the iPad then record that video and the recorded it in time laps on hannah phone then recorded that on the iPad.
  • today we made our video and edited it i observed that it is a lot harder than it seems. we worked well to gather and we ran into some trouble when we had to figure out how to do time laps and slow motion on the i pad
    • i learned that a it is wuiet hard to edit a youtube video, i thought that it was more simple than it was.
    • i was thinking that it would take that much time do edit a video. some people have to make and edit videos to post every day
    • i felt like we took up most of our time making and editing the videos but i feel they turned out good.

    • i chose this reflection because it was a big accomplishment to edit our first video and make it decent. we spent a long time editing our first video because we did not know how to do some things on the iPad. we now have gained enough nolage to edit our video in a day, it used to take us 4 days( two classes and 2 academic labs) to edit our videos.
  • "we were ineffective because the film for fun people took me and hannah. usually when they ask for a extra i let hannah go instead of me because it is a big wast of time. today they made me record and we didn't even get through the scene. i was gone for 15 minutes basically just sitting in there trying to record. hannah was gone for 20 minutes. us being in there movie makes for very ineffective day cause we almost never get anything done those days."
  • i learned that we should make sure we get our work done before we go do something not relating to what we are doing.
  • i was thinking that if we where going to be extras for peoples movies we would make a time limit for us and so we can only be gone for ten minutes.
  • i felt like we would get off last but the other group and not get our work done

  • i chose this reflection to show us a good example of what not to do. helping the film for fun people is sometimes fun but mostly all we do is sit in a room for 30 minutes trying to shoot a short scene. In the future I will look at this and tell my self do me and my partner want o go do nothing for 30 minutes or get some work done and possibly finish a video.

Top Critiques:

  • "maybe you could add more detail to the page. its kind of confusing but all of the work was in there.
    • i chose this critique because the next class that i looked on his page and he fixed all of the things that i told him what needed working on. he made it more organized and he made things easier to read.
    • "it would be cool if you added more to the game and made it so you can plait and it will be more fun. you should also put in more charecters"
    • i put this critique because he actually made these changes and he made the game way more fun.
    • "i love your new project!i think you should try doing cornrows on someones hair. how are you going to make this more challenging"
    • i put this critiques because they have done more to there page by braiding and learning how to do a fishtail twist and trying to improve on there project by learning more things to do on each others hair.kaitlyn lilly Jordan

    • " i like that you are doing hair but how is it challenging or getting more difficult and what are the new hair styles that you are going to do. maybe you should make a list of what hair styles you want to try"
    • i made this critiqe because it seems that they are just doing the same thing every week. i thought that they should make something that challenged their ability more like put flowers in there hair.

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