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  • Roblox Studio Obby
    • This project I have only just started but I have done it at home before. This project is a 3d game creator and it is educational because it might help me use a 3d printer and design objects online. I like this because when I grow up I might be a software engineer which would probably involve a this a little bit.

  • Minecraft Redstone House
    • This project was pretty hard with the wifi being a little weird at the beginning but I still have learned a lot about redstone. A problem was that Minecraft and other games were blocked by the firewall and the wifi has been having issues so the firewall hasn't been getting much attention. We have started it on our mobile devices and we will probably end the project on mobile.

Top Reflections:

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  • I have been working on my mini project and it has been challenging and fun so I think I might make it an actual project,
    • I chose this reflection because this is when I thought that the Minecraft Redstone House was maybe taking too long and I think I should of started doing something new. Also my mini project(Roblox Studio) is more educational in my opinion.

  • Today I have researched a lot about traps to do and we are going to test them out next week.
    • I chose this reflection because it tells you about what I'm trying to do and it explains what I'm doing clearly. Also this is probably one of the days I did the most work because youtube isn't disabled while Minecraft is.

Top Critiques:

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