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  • Scratch Project
    • I think that I did well on my scratch project.I used super scratch to start it. Than I edited it a lot and make the game better for whoever is playing. I made different sprites and edited almost everything, In the game you have to collect 10 objects to win. But there still are aliens and space ships you have to avoid, if you touch an alien, or a space you will disappear and you have to restart the game by hitting the green flag.
    • On my gamester mechanic project I did not do so much. I jest complete a couple levels on my profile
    • I made a dreidel and it worked well the first time I printed it. I painted it with a gold looking color and I painted the letters different colors so they would stand out. I also 3D printed a fidget that said Gavin Co on it so nobody can find it and claim it as thier own. The fidget was in the shape of the half of a circle.

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  • Tinkercad
    • In tinkered me and Angelo made a building from Detroit . I think tinkered is good because you can learn about desig stuff and new technics for the website. You can also 3D print things that you can make things that you make in it and see how much inches it is.``

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