GLB4 Portfolio

Top Projects:
  • Guitar 2 project
    • I chose this project this year because i really wanted to learn a new instrument. I thought that if i were to play and get good at guitar then i could bring it to parties and play for people. This quarter i used a new source call Rocksmith and I really learned a lot from it, it was great easy setup and fun to learn and grow with it.
  • guitar project
    • I found interest in this project because i always wanted to be able to play a musical instrument for like entertainment for people and party's. I've always have been very good at things with my hands so i knew this would be good for me to pick up. I learned all the chords and finger placements and ha so much fun watching channels on YouTube for great helpful tips and advice.
    • I chose this project because project because i wants to change to a different subject and see what i can do with it. I wanted to see if my editing skills have improved from my first project. i wanted to learn how to find clips and transfer them from one place to another place, and learn how to pick certain clips and edit them into a video.
  • FireGrilleBroscooking

    • We chose this project because me and my partner ( Brayden) wanted to do cooking so we can use this later in life. Also we wanted to do something fun and hands on because we learn faster when its right there in front of us. When i agreed with Brayden to cook i thought that maybe ill learn something new, something we can use in life.

Top Reflections:

  • Today we leaned how to work with sound editing and we finished our intro.
  • I chose this reflection because i never knew how to work with imovie or edit clips before. i picked this because i learned something new that day and took an interest now with that stuff.
  • Today i learned how to convert songs into i movie and learned how to lower the volume on some parts of a song to switch songs.
  • I chose this reflection because i always wanted to know how in some videos they change songs i learned how to download and convert songs on to i movie.

Top Critiques:

  • Great idea it sucks that you lost your world though. but maybe this is a chance to build something even better.

All Projects: