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Top Projects:

  • GameCeasarSaladWithRanchDressing
    • This project is currently highlighted due to the fact that this is my only project so far. It will probably stay up here for a while due to the fact that this is going to take a lot of time to make and may pay off. (Please note that this project was abandoned in the 2nd marking period.)
  • Guitar Studio
    • I have loved guitar for a long time. Guitar is one of my passions, and learning about playing it has been amazing. I love playing guitar, and so it has been fun. I will keep doing this for the rest of the year. This is my favorite project so far.
  • Guitar Studio
    • I have always learned to follow your dreams, and that is what this project is doing for me. I love guitar, and I think that because I am doing something I have dreamed of since I was 5, it is the best project I have done so far. Due to this, I believe I will do guitar for the rest of the year.
  • Guitar Studio
    • I love guitar. Guitar is definitely my best project. It taught me how to read guitar and how to restring a guitar. More than that, it taught me a (now big) part of my life. Guitar taught me that through pain (on my fingers) comes rewards. The Faire was my biggest success. I will do this next year for sure.

Top Reflections:

One example of FAILure we had this week was ...

  • This week, we had managed to get ourselves in a bit of a pickle because Scratch's art wasn't working well for us. The issue was that I was getting too detailed on art and we were trying to make it 8-bit. Jack ended up taking over Steve's art, and I was going to code. It worked amazingly.
    • I liked this reflection because it shows how we failed and came back. It showed that failure is a stage of success. It showed how to be flexible. Most of all, it showed how to come back from failure.
  • What breakthrough(s) did you have?

    We managed to get a lot of music done, all because we found out about the GarageBand functions. Now that we know how to fully use GarageBand, we can produce better music. Producing better music makes the game better, and thus the game is more likable.

    • I liked this reflection because it shows that we can use tools at our disposal and use them well. It is one that shows a hidden part of a well-known tool. It is one of the best realizations we ever had. Overall, it was a big success.
  • What was fun? What did I/we enjoy?

    I liked being able to use music, because it shows off the creative flair that I have. I also liked to code, because coding is one of my passions that shows off everything I can do.

    • I liked this reflection because it is one that shows how I like to use tools and make things out of nothingness. It showed my love for creation. It proved that I can make music without instruments. It showed a small success, but a win nonetheless.
  • What helped your learning?

    This week, it helped to have learned the songs last week because I can work on polishing them up this week. It also helped that I am getting better at guitar. I couldn't have gone straight into this without all my previous experience.
    • I really like this reflection. It shows how I learn and grow, and because of this, I highlighted it. I also like this reflection because it shows that I can polish up things quicker than I learn them. A humongous success.
  • What surprised you?
    I was surprised by the fact that learning guitar was so easy to do. Guitar was probably easy because I take piano, and thus have some musical experience. I hope it remains simple and enjoyable.
    • I liked this reflection because it shows that learning new things can be easy if you have prior knowledge. I highlighted it because of a small win in a big part of my life. It was highlighted because of the simplicity of a harder task. Overall, a small success, but a great one.
  • What did you learn that you can apply to future projects?

    This week, I learned something very important about guitar chords: shortcuts. In working on "Helter Skelter," I realized my main problem was the transition to the F-Chord. To fix it, I would need to play the three-string chord version. This is smart because it is a way around a problem that would take a while to fix without it.
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because it showed a shortcut. I like shortcuts. Shortcuts are very good things, as they usually work just as well, but are easier. This shows how I can find an easier way through a harder path.

Top Critiques:

  • I really like the idea because you really thought this through, but this type of game is really common and I think you should try to make it a bit more unique.

    • I chose to highlight this critique because it says that we will need to make our game one that stands out from the crowd. It proves that my game is a common one, and needs too many things to stand out. This critique was a good one.
  • Play more advanced songs
    • I chose to highlight this critique because it shows that I will need to go farther to really impress people. People want hard, not "Twinkle Twinkle". Most of all, this shows that people don't like simplicity.
  • I like the baking idea a lot. However, I think that it would be a good idea to bring some of the recipes home to bake.
    • This was my reflection of Sophie's project. Her idea was to bake, and I thought that it was a good idea, but she might need to take some recipes home. I highlighted this because it showed that not every project should be only done in school.
  • It's good, but you should really play one song and perfect it.
    • This reflection was highlighted because Nolan wants me to try one advanced song, but perfect it. I like this idea because it is really how I play guitar. After all, why play if you can only play badly-done songs?

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