GBB2 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Pl@yersHQ-link
    • We chose to do and blog/website about gaming for 3rd quarter. We used a different website this time. It's called Strikingly. You can make your website look a lot better compared to blogspot, which is what we used before.We did game reviews for some of our favorite games. It's really fun. We also give tips and advice to players for certain games. We are going to continue this project into the fourth quarter. Next quarter, we are probably going to add gaming playlists though
  • HipHopCaviar Blog-link
    • We chose to continue this music-themed blog into the second quarter. We knew that we needed to add something that we could learn from our project, so we did a weekly "Artist Spotlight" post talking about famous artists came to where they are now. In this quarter, we also gave a new theme to a blog which gives the reader multiple ways to read the posts. We would also do another random weekly post, like top rappers, upcoming albums, best rap cities, and more. This project was really fun and I would love to do it again sometime.
  • HipHopCaviar Blog-link
    • I chose to do this blog with Max because I had done sports blogs in the past, but nothing outside of that. This time we did it about hiphop/rap music. We used blogspot to make it. We did posts about top albums, new songs, throwbacks, and more. This was a really fun project that we are going to continue into the second quarter.
  • NBA Mixtapes-link below
    • I chose to continue this project because I really liked it when I did with Max. This quarter I did it with Joey though because Max was doing something else. We continued to use downie and iMovie. We also presented this project at the Make Share Faire in this quarter. A lot of people came to our station, almost 50 people! This is probably my favorite project so far, and it was really fun.

  • NBA Mixtapes-
    • I chose to do this project because I love the NBA. I've always wanted to do something like this and now I could. This was the first time I'd done something like this. We used iMovie to make our videos. It was fun to use iMovie because it was easy to use, and it had a lot of effects and things like that. This is a really fun project that I would definitely do again.
  • Gamestar Mechanic Challenges
    • I chose this project because it was really fun to work with Max on making games. I had done scratch before, but never Gamestar Mechanic. We first did the quest, which is basically a tutorial of how to do certain things in Gamestar. Then, we started making games. First, we made a game called Time. It was a maze game with 3 levels. After that, we made a maze game called Crazed Maze. This was a good project and I would definitely do it again.
  • NFL Blog-
    • I chose this project because last year I did an NBA blog, and it was really fun, so I wanted to do something similar to it. I already knew some stuff about blogging, but I thought I could teach my partner, Jack S. about it. It was mostly pretty easy, and always fun since I love to comment on the NFL's action, and follow each game and story closely.I also wanted to do it because the materials are all in the room, and it's all on the computer. I also chose it because I wanted to know more about blogging, typing on the internet, and finding good resources on the internet. This was a good opportunity to share stuff with my friends with family, and even people we didn't know who were following our blog.
  • NBA Blog-
    • I chose this project because I wanted to learn about blogging, and to tell people about what is going on in the world of basketball. This was the first blog I have ever done, and I would like to do something similar in the future. I learned about blogging, and how to type on the internet, and use videos and pictures to have visuals on each post. It was a good opportunity to share something with my friends and family, and it was very fun.
  • Lego NXT Baseball Batter and Pitcher-
    • I chose this project because I wanted to learn about building with Lego robots, and about programming with them. It looked like a fun idea to work on. This was the first Lego NXT I have ever worked on, and I would like to do another in the future. I chose this project because I didn't know much about Lego skills and programming, and that it was something I was eager to try and learn about.

Top Reflections:

  • I/We Learned...

    a lot. We learned a lot about strikingly. It's pretty easy to use. We were originally going to use Wix but you had to be 18, and Strikingly had no age requirements. It has a lot of great tools and I'm glad we used it over Wix. We got one post done, our welcome post. We also made a really cool logo. The only problem we had was making the background of our post different. It said it saved, but it never did. I think that we did really well this week. Joey and I got a lot of work done. Hopefully next week we can work on our first real posts. We might also start our SoundCloud.
    • This was after the first day that we were working on our project. We got a lot done on this day. We made a logo and got a post done. We also had really great first impressions about Strikingly. This was a good reflection because it was long, and it told a lot about what we did. We also made a lot of progress on the day.

  • This week I/we had a breakthrough when ...

    we realized that next week we can do a artist spotlight for a certain artist. We had recently done top albums, but we discovered that it wasn't that good and interesting. Plus, we needed to add something for the second quarter so we can keep learning. This week, we were average in terms of getting work done. We got all of the playlists done, and we had some extra time to figure out what we're doing to add to our project. We were a little bit off task at some points because we were talking, and we need to fix that, but other than that, I think we were very good this week, and we look to carry it into next week. Next week, we'll do the playlists, and our first artist spotlight.
    • I chose this reflection because it was the first time we realized the we could do the Artist Spotlight for the second quarter.It also showed that we were critiquing ourselves. We said that we were talking more than we should have. This was a great reflection, and it showed that we learned a lot during this project.
  • I/We Learned...

    A lot about blogger and more about Spotify. We learned that we couldn't embed playlists into the blog, because we couldn't download Spotify onto the computer. I realized that I know a lot about hiphop/rap music. I also didn't know I would be able to figure out our problem we had with Spotify. This reminded me of past blogs I've done, because I've had problems like this with different blogs.
    • I chose this reflection because it showed that we learned a lot. We learned about Spotify. We thought we could embed playlists into our blog, but we couldn't. This showed how much we learned about Spotify. Also, this was one of the first days of our project.
  • We posted one video today, Clutch Shots 2. We learned... how to edit out music better. And, we figured out transitions. We also learned how to combine two videos. We're ready to post but we didn't have time this week. Hopefully we can post next week.
    • I chose this reflection because we learned a lot this week. We learned how to make our videos a lot better with transitions. Also, with combining videos we could make comparisons. This was my best reflection of the fourth quarter.
  • We learned...
    How to post our video. We already have 4 subscribers and 17 views on the video we posted yesterday. We're excited to get even more and we'll try and post our second video next week.
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because we learned a lot of stuff in this week. We learned how to make videos especially. But, also how to post them. We also got a lot done that week. We finished the video in 2 weeks, which is fast for our first video ever. I think that this is a good reflection because it shows what we do every week. It also shows success.
  • "We were efficient because... we got farther than we planned. We did a schedule post, and a player of the week post. We also did a regular post, and a power rankings post. We also did an extra Thursday Night Football preview. Hopefully, next week we can get as much done as we did this week.
    • I chose this reflection because it shows mostly how we worked overall. We worked really well during this project, almost always working more than we thought we were capable of. We usually did the same templates for posts: Power Rankings, Schedule, Player of the Week, Thursday Night Preview, and a regular post. I think this was a good reflection choice because it is a good representative of our overall weekly work.
  • "This week I was thinking about how much that I really have to include in each post because I was running out of time. I felt rushed to finish my post, which I did, so I could have enough time to do my reflection. I learned that I have to stop wasting time watching videos about things in other leagues that I don't need to watch. One strategy I used was I searched the game when I couldn't find an article on the thing I wanted to find an article on. I realized one of my weaknesses is typing fast, and remembering the information from the article that I need to put in my post."
    • I chose this reflection because I used a lot of prompts, and detail. Also, I included good things about that week, and I included bad things about that week. It explains what I did that week very clearly, and uses the prompts well.
  • One way we we were strategic was we switched off who gets the pieces and who puts together the Legos. We got more steps done than I was expecting, and we have two steps left in the baseball batter. We also didn't talk to friends a ton. I think we did a good job this week.
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because it shows many good things that Joey and I accomplished in that week. It shows that we were strategic, and that we did not talk to friends super often. I also chose this because it says good things, and it includes a lot of detail.
  • I learned...
    how to make new levels, and how to make a good game. Our game is called time. It has the same maze-like format, and it gets harder after each level. It has 2 levels right now, but hopefully we can expand it. Hopefully, we get as much done next week (2017) as this week.
    • I chose this reflection because this is a day that we got a lot done on our game. That was our first game, Time. Every level was timed, and it was a pretty hard game. We ended up making on more level. This week we learned how to make new levels and strategies to make our game better.

Top Critiques:

  • What are you going to do with them after you're done making them?
    • This was a good critique because it was a good PUSH. I thought it was something important to include in Jon's project page, so people could see what they were used for, or given to after they were made.
  • Maybe you could airdrop the photos from your phone to your computer instead of emailing them.
    • This reflection was for Jon Adams' photo editing project. It was polite, it was useful because it was a lot easier to AirDrop the pictures instead of emailing them. It was a very good PUSH. And it was my best critique of this quarter.
  • "Maybe you could do something other than just decorations"
    • This reflection was for Maggie's terrarium decorations. I thought maybe she could expand her project a little more.It used a good PUSH. This was my best critique for the fourth quarter.
  • "What do you use to make the phone cases?
    • I chose this critique because I thought it was a good question and it PUSHed well. It was for Eloise's phone cases project. I was wondering what she used to make the phone cases.
  • "Maybe you could try making something other than just desserts.
    • I chose this critique because it PUSHed well, and it was helpful and unique. It was for Eloise's We Bake No Bake. I suggested that she could try something other than just desserts.
  • Maybe you could use something other than redstone, and try to make buildings or something.
    • I chose to highlight this critique because it PUShed well. This was for Justin's Minectraft project, and I thought that instead of just using redstone, he could use normal things too. This was polite, unique, specific, and helpful.

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