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  • Minecraft project

I think this cooking project was mostly successful. It taught us
the responsibility for cooking, editing it, and uploading it to youtube.
Though we didn't finish filming our videos, it turned out to be really
good. I will do this project again in the future.

In my opinion, I think this project was not successful. Reaching
my goal to finishing my game was not complete. The project taught
me the responsibilities of using this online platform and how to use it
more. all though it was fun, I don't want to do this project again since
I like working with other people.

Top Reflections
Today we improved our original plan/design by ...

Mikey and I worked really hard and we achieved a lot for the time we had to work on the roller coaster.
We had to dig to the ground where our main roller coaster part was going to be. Although we had to compromise
some of the time, we ended up getting to the spy rolling part with out any complications. It took the majority of
the time to build the spy roll since we had to compromise. An improvement on my part is that I'm starting to work
harder and harder every time to get the roller coaster and the whole project is done.

I have changed my plan...

Today, I started a knew game because I was lost in my work.
Ever since the start of the project I've been using my scratch game
from my 6th grade project in social studies. Making a new project is a
great way have a fresh start and do what I feel comfortable and not what i feel comfortable with.
Starting a knew game would be the best option since its not want I want my project to be.
Ive been watching a couple people in the past and I think i'm going to do a helicopter-type game.

Top Projects:

  • Scratch game
    • To finish the story mode
    • To make more games
    • To play games people made
                  • I saw people doing it and I wanted to try it
    • I like making video games for people
    • Its helping me accomplish the goal of being creative

    • I like legos and I like build1ing with them
    • There was no other project I could think of
    • I love to work with Stop motion

Top Reflections:

  • /We were efficient/inefficient because ...
    The one song called "say something" is doing really good for the playing an recording part. It sounds really good to play since I memorized the cords and I can play the songs with my eyes closed. The bad part about the progress is that its hard to play the cords for "damned". Its a precise order that your have to play it like a hard pattern to follow. Im going to practice at my house for playing it and work to get the pattern correctly.

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