Friendship Bracelets Tutorial




Step 1:
Get at least 5 strings to make this braclet i have 7 but that is just because i want it bigger u can have it however u want. Put the strings in half and tie the strings all in one knot and the top were there all folded.

P1010133.JPG. P1010135.JPG

Step 2: Spread the strings out so that on both sides theres the same color string. Take the first color string and Do 2 forward knots so two 4's on the second string, and do that until u get to the other side of colors.

1.) P1010138.JPG 2.) P1010141.JPG 3.)P1010143.JPG

4.) P1010144.JPG

Step 3: When you get to the right side of the colors, for that side u woud do a backwards forwarrd not so a 2 backwars 4's. when u get the the mittle both of the same colors in the middle u would tie in a simple knot and then start agian with the forward knot.

1.P1010148.JPG 2.) P1010149.JPG 3.) P1010153.JPG-Tie in knot

After you're first round of doing it it should look like this...
4.) P1010151.JPG

After doing it for a ittle while it should start to look like this...

This is the End result of the Bracelet...